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Released: 2006
Notes: Your Choice
  • Aimee as Sue
  • Caroline [2] as Vikkie
  • Chelsea [3] shortened version of Andrea and Robert (Barry's Mucky Videos BG39)
  • Christa
  • Christina X shortened version of David and Christina (Barry's Mucky Videos BG36)
  • Natalia as Nathalia, shortened version of Graham and Natalia (Barry's Mucky Videos BG37)
Notes and Reviews

Another collection of pro-am material from Your Choice. The well of truly amateur material seems to be running a bit dry as the source of a lot of the scenes is Barry (of Barry's Mucky Videos), hour long versions of many of his VW scenes are available from his website.

A chunky blonde in her mid twenties plays with herself and uses a pink dildo while lying on a large sofa. Dressed in gold basque and matching pants, this is a mechanical performance from an amateur model.

Young bespectacled blonde Nicole gives her nipples a squeeze before removing her bra and playing with her pussy on a bed. Nicole wears nice matching undies and black stockings as she gives her pussy a pounding with a pink Rabbit and double ender.

George & Gianna
Italian couple self film their shagging (fixed camera & pov) in a hotel room. Blonde Gianna strips to show off her excellent figure then has sex with George doggystyle on the bed and in the shower. Gianna wears a pink mask throughout and George a condom, leaving the viewer to wonder wife or whore? Judging by the way bald but very well hung George gurns at the camera during the action, he can't believe his luck fucking such a classy woman.

Christa & John
Mumsy Christa flashes her underwear on the bed then undresses to her black stockings and opens up her pussy with a massive realistically-shaped dildo. Podgy John joins her on the bed for a bit of missionary and doggy fucking, although his lack of length is a hindrance. Clever editing and good lighting makes this 9 minute self-filmed scene look reasonably good.

Derek & Christina
Christina is an attractive thirtysomething sitting on a bed with partner Derek. Stripping Christina to her red hold-ups (which clash horribly with the crimsom bedroom decor), Derek gives Christina's pussy a firm fingering before fucking her in missionary and spoons. Christina's fleshy body is quite sexy and needed a much bigger cock to make this scene arousing.

Paul & Natalie
Barry directs a naked Paul Jones who is straight down to business with naked Natalie. Attractive and enthusiastic, black girl Natalie makes all the right noises as she gets a professional fuck from Paul in missionary, doggy and reverse cowgirl in a cheaply decorated bedroom. Indeed Paul seems to have particularly enjoyed it as he empties a month's-worth of semen over Natalie's belly. I hope we'll see more of Natalie.

Vikkie & Trent
Vikkie is Caroline. Tall, slim and attractive she undresses to her hold-ups for the cameraman then moves to the bed where she is joined by Trent, an African dude with quite possibly the biggest cock I have seen this side of the Atlantic. Caroline sucks him hard then lies back and takes his cock in missionary. As so often with cocks this big, full tumescence is a problem, but Trent wraps his fist around the base and fucks Caroline with only the top half of his cock. Full length penetration is eventually achieved in missionary and doggy while Caroline simply grins at the camera. Brief reverse cowgirl is followed by a decent facial. Excellent work by the performers is let down by shocking filming, the colour balance is all over the place, as is the camera; the viewer is fortunate to catch any penetrative action at all.

Andrea & Rob
Diminutive Hungarian sexpot Andrea fucks Rob who, judging by their behaviour, could well be a real life husband. In the kitchen the couple undress each other and perform extensive oral sex before Rob carries Andrea to the sofa and fucks her missionary over the arm. Fine doggy and cowgirl is captured by pro camerawork and Rob climaxes over Andrea's face and perky tits.

Leah & Steve
Leah is an attractive girl who could find work as a body double for Keira. Starting in just her underwear and white boots, Leah snogs Steve on the couch and they undress each other as Leah sucks him to full hardness. Pro fucking in cowgirl, doggy, reverse cowgirl and missionary before Leah wanks Steve off. Certainly a career in porn for Leah if she wants it as she matches Keira in looks and attitude.

Kob, Dee & Tony
Sex tourism here as Tony videos himself fucking Thai cuties Kob and Dee. Apart from some hand held of the girls to start, the rest of the scene is shot from a static cam. With three people in the action the frame is nicely filled, as are both girls' pussies by Tony's good sized cock. Oral from both girls before fucking (with condom) in missionary, doggy and cowgirl, ending with facial.

Nathalia & Graham (£250 winner)
Shot earlier on in their careers, Barry films the Geordie couple in a hotel room in London. Undressing quite quickly, the couple give a virtuoso fucking performance in missionary, doggy and cowgirl, ending with a facial. Clearly filmed. Excellent.

Demitri & Sue (£250 winner)
Demitri has Aimee to himself in a suburban conservatory. After some oral action on the wicker sofa, the action moves to the floor where Demitri gives Aimee a fine seeing-to. Some indifferent camerawork early on masks the action, but when Aimee spreads her legs while on her back we see everything. More close-ups in doggy before Demitri explodes over Aimee's torso.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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