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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 127 mins.

Snooping landlady Renee Richards has wired up her apartment block with hidden cameras to monitor the goings on of her tenants. Sitting behind her bank of monitors, she gets turned on as she watches Natalie, Emma-Louise and Crystal having sex.

The screens splutter into life as Natalie Heck moves to sit on her boyfriend's knee. Lifting her black dress, she reveals she's knickerless and starts to stroke her pussy. The boyfriend takes over, petting her pussy then easing her boobs out to be sucked at. The picture flickers. Renee watches intently as Natalie climbs onto the sofa and holds her fanny inches away from his face. His tongue reaches out to her pussy lips and dances over her clit. Natalie runs the cock along her cunt then drops down to feed her face. Clenching her fingers around the shaft, she guides it down her throat. The wet prick is slipped into her pussy, reverse cowgirl. Removing her dress, Natalie spins round to have her tits sucked. It's then down on all fours for some doggy action. The scene ends with Natalie being bonked on her back, the boyfriend pulling out to cum in her mouth.

Renee turns the cameras onto Crystal, who is kneeling with a guy's cock in her mouth. The camera zooms in as she stuffs the dick in her cheek, then slaps her face with the wet tool. With her fingers wrapped tightly round the staff, Crystal's boobs sway as she bobs on the knob. She moves along its length and takes the nut sack into her mouth. Crystal raises her dress and grinds herself against the guy's balls. The picture flashes black and white as she stots off his stomach (that's bounces for those of you south of the Scottish border. Ed.). Kneeling on the sofa, with her dress gathered round her midriff, Crystal is taken from behind. The guy places Crystal on the rug, her legs high in the air so he can pile drive her. She sandwiches the damp dick in her tits. He sprays his load over her face.

Camera still running, Renee sits in a toilet cubical rubbing her pussy, her leg jammed high against the wall. The phone rings. She is called back to the control desk.

Emma-Lousie is spread out on the sofa, her face in a guy's lap, the tip of his prick between her lips. Moving between his legs, she laps at his balls as her hand glides up and down on his shaft. Removing her white summer dress, Emma-Lousie settles down on the rubber clad cock, her pert boobs jiggling as she rides cowgirl. Rolling onto her hands and knees, she is shagged doggy. The power of the strokes force her against the side of the sofa. Her legs high on the guy's shoulders, Emma-Louise is taken missionary. She slides to the floor to be pile driven. The guy showers Emma-Louise's tits and face with cream.

Crystal makes a second appearance, this time with an older guy. Unfastening his pants she eases in her hands. The trousers come down and she licks at the dick. The chap guides Crystal's head down onto his member and her tongue works along the length. Easing her boobs out of her lemon top, the guy pulls at her nipples. Her jeans are next off. Crystal rubs herself against the erect prick. Rolling on a condom, Crystal sits on the cock reverse. The couple turn over and continue doggy. Renee shouts encouragement at the monitors. Crystal arches out with her pussy being bashed. She ends with a facial.

Sitting in her flat, beside a spotty-faced teen in a white woolly hat, the cameras tunes in on Emma-Louise. She paws at the guy's jeans and teases him by slipping her black and white dress off her shoulders. His cock stiff, she grabs hold of it between her lips. Her hand cups his balls as she sucks. Stripped to her high heels, Emma-Louise lets the lad finger fuck her. She works the tip of his cock over her clit. Positioning herself over the prick, Emma-Louise plunges it deep into her pussy, writhing and wriggling on the rod. Missionary follows doggy and she fills her mouth with his jizz.

Having watched everyone else, Renee turns the cameras on herself. Standing behind her 'boyfriend', she massages his shoulders. Her hands drift down his chest and into his pants. She kneels before him, slowly unbuttoning her white blouse. Her head drops. Renee looks over the top of her glasses as she swallows the dick. Her hair falling over her face, Renee probes her tonsils then fills her cheeks with man-beef. Bra off, she raises her short black dress. Her stocking-clad legs brush against the chap's thighs as she sinks down on his dick. Spinning round, Renee bangs and grinds. Her fingers tug at her clit ring. Tasting her juices, Renee lies open legged on the settee to be fucked missionary. Holding the cock between her lips, the guy cums in her mouth. Renee dribbles the spunk over her tits.

I Have to admit I was a little disappointed with the first of the films in this series. Number two is a far better movie, well structured and better paced. Renee is convincing as the pervy landlady who likes nothing more than spying on others having sex, and her victims, Natalie, Crystal, and Emma-Louise all turn in good performances. DiSanto and Killergram should get a pat on the back for Voyeurcam Cum-Sluts II.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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