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Released: 2006
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 227 mins.

Gorgeous Gee and the team at Doll Theatre have developed a style all of their own - sizzling sex, great girls, cheesy witty dialogue and weird props. For The Va Gina Code they have gone into overdrive, producing a film of epic proportions with over 3¾ hours of hot viewing in seven full-length scenes. Michelle B takes the lead role, linking the action together as well as appearing a number of times.

Sitting behind her desk in her smart business woman's attire, Michelle flicks through the post. An invite to a gallery attracts her attention, especially when she reads the words 'dress code erotic'. She turns up in her black basque and stockings to view the works. Owner Gee points her in the direction of the first painting.

Nip Fuck
In a furry pink top, Michelle has turned up at Dr Gee's consultancy to discuss breast enlargement. Opening her top we get views of Suzie Best's tits. The good Doctor thinks he can use his new Pump Technique, but first she must masturbate. It's not part of the procedure but it's fun to watch. Armed with her new bigger boobs, Michelle waits in the recovery room in her negligee and white stockings. Her hands run over her new body and settle on her pussy. Doctors Steve and Danny appear to run some tests. As they stroke her thighs Michelle's hands enter their gowns and jerk at the boys' cocks. Steve settles down to suck pussy while Danny offers his dick to Michelle. She takes it deep in her mouth. Leaning over the bed, Michelle is spit roasted, her new boobs gently swaying. Mounting Danny reverse, she pulls at her clit. Then she lies back legs apart. The boys bash her bum, juice and lube dribble out. Her fanny filled with fingers, the guys jerk into Michelle's mouth ... Back at the gallery she stands in front of the painting playing with her pussy, still with the visions from the scene. Next work.

Pimp my Bride
In her sexy white bridal lingerie and veil, Chelsea sits in the middle of a large bed in the honeymoon suite. White net drapes waft around the bed. Ian turns up with a complimentary drink. She is uncertain about tonight, the special liquor will help. Chelsea downs it. Throwing herself back on the bed, Chelsea's inhibitions have gone, she's desperate for cock as she slaps her pussy. Ian is at hand and she starts to wank him. Kneeling, her fingers wrapped around his shaft, Chelsea slowly swallows dick. Spit dribbles down Ian's cheb as it fills her mouth. He works his fingers vigorously between Chelsea's legs. The two 69. Then she slides her pussy down his body and sits on his cock. The pair moan as she leans back. In a clever camera shot the picture zooms out giving an aerial view of the two shagging spoons before swooping to a close up of Chelsea's pussy being penetrated by prick. Ian parts her bum cheeks and slips his cock in her tight arse. He rolls onto his back and she bounces with his dick up her bum. The curtains move in the breeze as Ian empties his load over Chelsea's face ... Michelle's gloved hand is buried in her pussy. Gee gives her another glass to drink as they approach a statue.

Edwina Vibro Hands
In their tight white nurse outfits, Michelle and Suzie prepare Charlie for their experiment in a dark gothic style set. The girls snog, fingers fondling fannies, mouths nibbling nipples and Suzie lapping at Michelle's labia as they wait to start. The girls run a vibrator attached to a cable across Charlie's cunt then plug it into her arse. A flash of power and she awakes. The sheet is pulled back - Charlie's fingers have been substituted for ten shiny silver vibrators. Suzie pulls on a strap-on and attacks Charlie's pussy. Michelle moves to play with her tits. Charlie makes use of her vibro fingers, working them deep into Michelle. The girls swap and change as Suzie uses her strap-on. The naughty nurses 69, Charlie using her stainless steel digits on the duo, jabbing their pussies and arses. The girls lie side by side, Charlie poking away at the pair ... Michelle is disturbed, perhaps she wants something post modern.

Gee is getting desperate. The model for his new lingerie range has failed to turn up and a major buyer is on the way. Harmony arrives at the office in her black top and tartan skirt for the accountancy job. She offers to help out, but first Gee wants to see her tits and bum - she'll be fine. Ian arrives and settles down on the sofa. Harmony appears in a plush red basque and stockings. She slips out her tits. Gee thinks the two should be left alone. As she eases her hand into her panties the two fall to the floor. Ian kisses her boobs as he starts to wank her. She tastes herself from his fingers then drops down to his cock to lick. As she holds his shaft, the tip of his dick disappears between Harmony's lips and her tounge darts back and forth. Ian's hands on her hips, Harmony is guided down onto his cock. Once in she hammers down hard, her tits brushing his face. Picking Harmony up, Ian hangs her round his neck, his face in her fanny as she sucks at his manhood. A little riding reverse cowgirl and Harmony goes on all fours to be taken doggy. The two turn onto their sides to finish, Ian spraying Harmony from her pussy to her tits in jizz ... Michelle licks at a dildo on a plinth. She is led to the next artwork.

Voodoo Child
Called in to be disciplined, Michelle transfixes her boss with an entrancing stare. Thoughts of her wrong doing are banished. Now all he wants is her body. He runs his hand over her black basque and lifts out her boobs for sucking. Michelle undoes his shirt, his fingers delve beneath her denim skirt and discover that she has no knickers. The boss lays Michelle back on his disk as he fingers and licks her fanny. His trousers off, Michelle crouches with his cock wedged deep in her mouth. She gazes up with her grey/blue eyes. Standing on one leg she gets him to munch at her pussy and his tongue flicks at her clit and arse. Legs apart, she sits on the desk and the boss thrusts deep into her wet hole making the table wobble and rock. Michelle turns to be taken from behind before returning to the missionary position for a hard pussy pounding. The pair 69. Slapping her face with the willy, she jerks at the cock. Balancing on her heels, Michelle rides reverse then spins to finish off cowgirl. Sitting in the boss's chair, Michelle takes his cream on her tongue and tits ... Draining her glass, Michelle pulls at her pussy. She is shown the next painting.

Brewers Droop
In a tight white bottomless dress, nurse Rebecca attends to Jay. He has a problem in the trouser snake department. The view of her boobs and arse quickly get things going and before long he's nice and erect. Time for Rebecca to test. Wrapping her lips around the dick, Rebecca's head bobs as she takes him further and further down her throat. They swap places and Rebecca plays with her nipples as her arse and pussy are licked. Prising her open, Jay slips in his fingers. The two stand, Jay's cock in Rebecca's cunt. She licks her lips as he hammers in hard. Moving to the table, Rebecca laps at the juice covered prick and then bends to be fucked, fanny first then up the bum. Spreading her legs, Jay continues to plunder and plunge, pushing Rebecca onto her shoulders to be pile driven in the arse. Mouth open, Rebecca collects his cream ... Michelle sits in the middle of the gallery ready for the last offering.

Alternative Therapy
Dr Gee has been called away and when Chelsea visits his surgery for her massage therapy she mistakes electrician James for the Doctor. Not wanting to disappoint Chelsea, James puts her through his alternative treatment. But first she has to explore her sexuality with a slow strip. She peels down her jeans then eases her boobs out of her tight black top. James instructs her to squeeze her tits together then lie face down on the couch - all part of the treatment. Running oil over her back he gently massages it in and his hands make their way towards her pussy - internal massage is just as important. In an editing error 90 seconds of the scene are repeated!! Chelsea is ready for the next phase. Hanging over the end of the table she takes James's dick in her mouth, tapping the end against her tongue as she sucks. Spun round on the couch, James slides his cock into her pussy for a good long shag. The treatment has reached a critical stage as Chelsea rides reverse cowgirl. She must let James in her arse. The two lie side by side bonking. Down on her knees, Chelsea receives her medicine - spunk on her tits. The session has done her good.

Returning to the gallery, Michelle is motionless on a plinth, impaled on a dildo. She has become part of the exhibition.

Gorgeous Gee should be commended on his imaginative scene scenarios. Some may have been used before (the vibrator hands in Toy Story), but different girls in different settings still make them work. A special mention too is deserved for hard working Michelle, carrying the links and appearing in three scenes. The film does have the occasional faux-pas in the production side with cameraman's feet appearing, but overall the production is good. If the 3¾ hour film isn't enough for you, Doll Theatre also include a 20-minute behind the scenes 'extra' ... that is value for money! The Va Gina Code is one of Doll Theatre's best films to date and is worth adding to any collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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