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Released: 2006
Notes: Your Choice
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Review copy courtesy Your Choice

Technically Viewers' Wives have come a long way from the almost monochrome fuzzy scenes to the crisp pictures delivered by today's tiny digital camcorders. The authoring has moved on too now that DVD releases are the norm from YC. A wife by wife option is available from the menu in this DVD that runs just 5 minutes under 3 hours. Usual mix of amateur footage and pro stuff from the likes of Terry Stephens and Mucky Barry. Great stuff.

Rose Wood as Lisa
Rose kicks the programme off by removing her crimson undies and pleasuring herself with a selection of vibrators including a monster black number. Moving from the bedroom we get a glimpse of Rose-as-schoolgirl pleasuring herself with a tennis racquet handle before standing in the garden in nothing but a red slip and pissing on the lawn.

Andrea & Sholke
Small titted auburn-haired Andrea and her partner strip off and perform like pros in this arousing scene shot in a deserted factory. Big windows allow plenty of natural light and Andrea rams herself up and down on Sholke's cock. The twentysomething pair clearly enjoy themsleves in this well shot scene.

Tracy & Freddie
Freddie is the repairman sent with his mate to fix Tracy's tv. Silly Tracy hasn't plugged her tv in, but Freddie is quickly plugged into her pussy and arse with the extra benefit of a rubber dildo. What make this scene exceptional is the fact that Tracy is almost full term pregnant and the photography is clear and crisp. After fucking all Tracy's orifices, Freddie provides a fine facial - another rarity.

Kimberley & Lee
Pro-am model Kimberley indulges in a straightforward fuck on the sofa with partner Lee. Recording quality is below par which suggests an amateur cameraman, but the action is professional enough with Kimberley slowly undressing through the action as she's fucked in all positions ending with c.i.m.

Kiri & Roger
I suspect bespectacled thirtysomething Roger has booked blonde thirtysomething Kiri for some self-filming in his hotel room. Despite the fixed camera and over-wide view, blonde Kiri and her big enhanced boobs give Roger a fine shag and facial for his money. Not seen Kiri before but she has a look like Jan Burton (but is most certainly not the sublime Ms B).

Carol & Paul
Carol and Paul are a mature couple in a mucky scene filmed (I assume) by Barry. Despite a combined age of over 100, blonde Carol strips to her black holdups for a fine, thoroughly enjoyable, fucking from partner Paul. Sex mainly in spoons and reverse cowgirl before Paul slips his cock up Carol's arse in doggy. Scene ends with facial.

Wearing a black fishnet crotchless bodystocking, Avril, a nice redhead in her late twenties, pleasures herself with a variety of dildos. Disappointingly at this stage of the programme, that's as far as it goes.

Carol & Aston
This second Carol is much younger and much more rounded that her namesake as her older partner undresses her on a bed in a small bedroom. Aston slips on a condom and fucks the small-titted redhead in missionary, cowgirl and doggy before shooting over Carol's generous belly. Carol gasps in all the right places, although the condom suggests a commercial shoot.

Ruth & Yuri
This young couple have an eastern European feel as Yuri peels Ruth out of her black pvc top and skirt. Leaving her red fishnets on, Yuri fucks Ruth missionary on the sofa before moving to the floor for more decent action in all positions before Yuri comes over Ruth's belly.

Lucy & John
A rare one from John Mason & Terry Stephen's archive as brunette Lucy gets John's cock inside her while Terry films. A fun scene as John quickly undresses his partner and canters through the usual sexual positions while Lucy giggles and gasps. Approached from behind, Lucy seems genuinely surprised when John announces his cock is up her arse. Lengthy anal in all positions as Lucy thoroughly enjoys herself (and John too, presumably).

Sandie & Kevin
Kevin catches his blonde and well rounded wife in a crotchless black bodystocking pleasuring herself with a dildo. Sandie makes a grab for Kevin's cock, deepthroating him then noisily fucking on the four poster bed. Good hard sex in a bedroom decorated with naked pictures of Sandie.

Claire & Julie
Two attractive older women with nice bodies go at each other with a double ender, much to their mutual delight. Naked on a bed, there is much close-up action of the pink plastic vanishing into wet pussies.

Lucy & Mark
This Lucy is slim and sexy Emma Louise who gets a decent fuck from young Mark. Despite some amateurish lighting which casts too many shadows this is a well filmed, although rather over-edited, scene. Good sex on a bed including deep anal and a cumshot over her belly. Always good to see Emma on the right end of a new cock.

Helaina & Jamie
Another scene from Barry ends the programme, picking up an extra £250 on the way. This time it's Helaina and Jamie from West Sussex who strip off and fuck in front of Barry's camera. The attractive twentysomething couple fuck like pros in all positions, ending with a decent facial.

Review by Bayleaf
October 2006

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