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Released: 2006
Notes: Your Choice
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Review copy courtesy Your Choice

Two and a half hours of fine entertainment from Your Choice in this release. A lot of pro talent on show, but mixed with some amateur performers and/or produced footage, this is a very good collection. Technology seems to be making it very difficult for cameramen to make their films unwatchable these days.

Solo, Alicia sits by herself in the garden with a glass of wine. She moves indoors to the swimming pool where she slowly strips then dildos herself. Nice, but how I wished for a skinny dip too.

Tracy and Anabel
Two naked girls go pussy to pussy on a bed, pleasuring each other with vibrating love balls and vibrators. Good sexy show from a pair of older gals.

Sarah Jane and Jon
The old girl-discovered-in-office-wanking scenario with Jon getting his end away by not grassing-up sweet Sarah Jane. The couple strip (SJ keeps her boots on) and the pair fuck over the desk and reverse cowgirl on the chair with cumshot over her bum. Well shot with hard action, good scene.

Jackie and Jon
Different Jon, and Jackie is a very pretty but extremely thin blonde. Both are naked on a mattress so it doesn't take long for Jon to ease his cock into Jackie's tight pussy. Hard sex in all positions from this amateur couple ending with cumshot over pussy. Atmospherically lit and well filmed.

Retro lingerie lovers will enjoy watching Betty strip off her white lingerie before giving her pussy a workout with a giant black dildo and vibrator. Betty looks 50-ish, so still 20 years too young to have worn this stuff first time around.

Kate and Lisa
Another pair of fleshy mature amateurs messing about with each other's pussies on a bed. Both get pretty turned on by a massive pink-un and a double-ender with the last third of the scene one long (seemingly genuine) multiple orgasm.

Charlotte and Tony
Another one of Barry's mucky videos with fit New Zealander Charlotte getting her first on-screen shagging. Charlotte, who looked around 50, has a nice slim figure which is enhanced with white stockings and basque. Hard action on the sofa and the floor as Charlotte ends wearing just her holdups before Tony cums over her tits.

Kelly and Dave
Sitting on a sofa, 18 year olds Kelly and Dave introduce themselves to each other before Dave politely asks for his cock to be sucked. While Dave needs to remove his jeans, Kelly wears just a diaphanous vermillion dress, so Dave's cock can plung into her pussy without further ado (no pussy licking here!). Kelly loses her dress and the pair shag in all positions on the sofa and the floor. Towards the end, Dave pushes a big red vibe into Kelly's pussy and then a smaller one up her arse before he pops his load over her chin. Professionally filmed, but Kelly shows little enthusiasm for her task.

Chloe and Roger
Roger is already on top of Chloe as this scene opens, pounding into her squelching pussy then leaning back so we can see his cock as his partner orgasms. Chloe, a pretty plump brunette, wears a black basque and white frilly holdups as she's given a propper seeing-to in missionary before Roger stands and wanks over her face. Nice.

Nicola and Bob
If the previous couple were borderline ams, Bob and Nicola's relationship seems strictly professional. Both naked on a bed, Bob slips a couple of pillows under Nicola's pelvis before slipping his cock inside her pussy. Nicola encourages Bob's pounding with some dirty talk as they move to doggy and finally reverse cowgirl where Bob pops inside. Nicola rolls off and allows the spunk to trickle from her pussy, her video debut over (she says).

Tiffany and Dale
Tiffany undresses partner Dale on the bed, Tiffany is already prepared, wearing just a baby doll nightie. As soon as her pants are removed the couple are into 69 followed by sex in all positions. Tiffany is an attractive girl with a good figure and by the time they reach a fine reverse cowgirl she is naked and glowing with exertions. Slipping off Dale's cock, Tiffany wanks her partner to climax over her face and tits.

Cherry and Freddie
A Freddie-filler here as Fred pretends to be conducting a survey. The ridiculously perky Cherry is having none of the survey as she recognises Freddie as the porno film maker and demands sex. The pair move upstairs to a rustic Yorkshire bedroom for some extended foreplay as they undress, then fucking in a lot of positions including piledriver. A prone Freddie wanks into Cherry's face and appears to come, although, as this lasts just 2 seconds on my digital counter, it's hard to tell if this was genuine.

Frederica and DJ
More mucky footage from Barry as DJ and Frederica indulge in lengthy foreplay before Frederica is stripped to her black holdups and ankle boots and DJ fucks her missionary on the sofa. This is industrial strength fucking on the sofa and the carpet, so DJ keeps his caterpillar boots on as well as his socks before cumming over Frederica's big tits.

Kimberley, Angela and the boys
As well as Angela and Kimberley, the camera club has hired Jayce Xaveri and Big Jonny to supplement the members who want their members on show. Kim and Angela soon have cocks in each hand and while the latter keeps fluffing, Kimberley is gangbanged on the bed, ending with facials and pussy coating. Top picture quality, shame we don't see Angela in action.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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