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Released: 2007
Notes: Your Choice
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Getting nice and raunchy poolside. After a swim, she masturbates while removing her bikini, before moving to a sunlounger for some pussy-stretching exercises with a couple of vibrators.

Hanah and Sarah
Older, fleshier brunette (Hanah?) and younger slim blonde (Sarah?). Sensual joint groping before the ladies fuck each other with a black strap-on on a small divan.

Lainie and Rob
Thirty something brunette puts on her black Anne Summers gear to get fucked and filmed by partner Rob. Lainie has a reasonable figure and the handheld camerawork is acceptable to catch the main action. The scene ends with a facial.

June, Melissa and Tony
A curious scene that has unknown June in bed with Melissa, both naked, and discovered by Tony. Tony strips and gives June a pretty good fucking in missionary and doggy, while Melissa watches and wanks. The scene ends with a good facial.

Sarah Jane
Solo scene in the kitchen. Sarah slowly strips to her ankle socks and pushes a selection of seasonal vegetables up her pussy.

Another strip (from her lingerie) on a single bed while masturbating, then beads and vibrator action for her pussy. Particularly clear picture quality.

Mouse and Bibi
Together in the bath, the girls soap each other then move to a luridly decorated bedroom. A stereotypical tart's boudoir where Bibi, a slim brunette with a good figure and nice tits, fucks Mouse with a naturalistic strap-on. Mouse returns the favour with a big vibrator.

Doreen and Matt
A decent amateur sequence from Doreen, a plump thirty something crop-haired brunette, and her husband. Matt spices up the fucking using a vibrator to supplement his cock.

Sue and Tony
Professional model Sue has been booked by young amateur photographer Tony for a studio shoot. He waits nervously as we watch Sue get changed for the shoot on a bed. Once naked, she invites Tony to join her. Tony is a big lad and he fucks Sue efficiently in doggie, cowgirl and spoons. He ends with cumshot over her belly. Despite Sue's sexual appeal, the scene doesn't ignite and is spoilt by flashes from the stills photographer.

Nikki and Roger Cock
Roger Cock films himself fucking model Nikki on a bed. They are naked, the action is routine and despite his experience, the picture quality is just acceptable. Nikki goes through the motions and gets a meagre creampie. Roger then recovers for more doggy and a facial.

Tara, Ben and Dick
Tara strips for the guys, then uses a big black vibrator on herself. One of the guys is blindfolded and stripped. Tara has her wicked way with him on the bed before being joined by the other one for a threesome. Sporting a nice pubic bush, this is a hugely enjoyable scene for the viewer and even more so for the girl herself.

Michelle and Calvin
On a bed in an excellent Terry Stephens scene from Naughty Shorties 4.

Holly and Scott
Barry has gone to the West Country to shoot Holly, a slim and attractive brunette, and hubby Scott. Holly is an enthusiastic performer and Scott is well enough endowed to fill his wife. Holly keeps her black teddy on, allowing her small tits and large dark nipples to show, while discretely hiding her tummy. Scene ends with a good facial.

Caroline and Lucas
Filmed at an obviously expensive holiday villa overlooking the sea, mature Caroline lowers her perfect, tight, naked body into the pool while Lucas films her. The rest of the scene is a mix of how-we-fucked-on-our-holiday. Caroline gets fucked in the bathroom (doggy style); bedroom (a little kink here with fur stole and leather belts); and on the patio (with a facial over her sunglasses). A totally enigmatic scene with the performers speaking accented English and a hint that Caroline may be the hired help.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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