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Released: 2008
Notes: Your Choice
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Lisa, Georgina, Sarah and Crystel
Four girls pair up then swap in a snogging, fingering, dildo-fest. Nicely filmed, these four experienced models get volume 51 off to a cracking start.

Yasmin is Dutch babe Jaana [2] (see EGAFD), getting her near-perfect form in silver heels fucked. This is her scene from John Mason's Filthy Fuckers Amateur Special 3.

Jade and Nick
Jade has dressed herself as a schoolgirl, complete with black pigtail wig, as a treat for hubby Nick. While Nick films, Jade hitches up her skirt and makes a dildo disappear into her naked pussy. Jade joins Nick on the bed an the pair share camera duty as they suck and fuck. Convincing amateur footage as the pair fuck amongst the domestic clutter. Ends with an orgasm each.

Cassandra, G and Freddie
Big young blonde Cassandra comes to Freddie's for some test shots, but she is persuaded to have sex with him and G. Sex on the sofa with each guy then a DP. More fucking from G in spoons and two (very) modest facials.

Petite, blonde and naked, Mouse shows it's size no object when it comes to sticking big dildos in her pussy and her arse up to three at a time.

Traci, Don and Charles
Don and Charles have spent some of their pensions booking Traci G (now a pony-tailed brunette) for a fuck. They've got a mate to film them as they undress Traci, who then gets the guys' hard cocks out. Whether it's Traci's slightly thicker body or Viagra that's got them hard, they both give her a decent fucking on the couch.

Kerry and Cris
Good looking couple fuck in a tiny bedroom. Good action with the curious use of a thick black condom, which is removed for a generous cumshot over Kerry's fake boobs and pierced nipples. Shot in widescreen format.

Frank and Barbara (Barabra)
Wearing just black hold-ups, Titian haired Barbara fucks shaven-headed Frank on their bed. They look like a genuine couple and certainly get maximum pleasure from the session. Widescreen.

Frans and Bibi
Two tanned fit bodies fuck on a mattress on the floor. Frans' thinning hair is dyed blonde, while long limbed and good-looking Bibi keeps her stilettos and glasses on for a professionally performed and filmed scene.

Sonia and Miles
Sonia is big and black, very big in fact, while Miles in young and white. Miles gives Sonia a good condom-clad mechanical fucking on a bed and wanks over her tits to end.

Laura and Saul
Pretty little blonde Laura fucks shaven-headed Saul in a garish bedroom with deep blue walls and pink sheets. Nice action, clearly shot. In virtual silence with little chemistry - they must be married. This is Barry's mucky Steve (27) and Sandra (26) scene.

Theresa and Bernie
Nicely spoken dark haired middle-eastern looking Theresa allows older Bernie to undress her and shag her on the bed. Theresa has several lines of text tattooed at the top of her left thigh. Nice hard action ending with lingering cumshot. At this point cameraman Barry refers to Theresa as Alicia, revealing this scene as Aubrey and Alicia, a Mucky Video.

Wen and Tony (bonus winner)
Starts with holiday footage - beach, hotel room and shower - but Asian Wen and Tony return home to fuck. Extended bj and climax for Tony followed by naked fucking on a bed, all self-filmed. Mediterranean footage all bright colours while UK-based sex is dim and grainy - a metaphor?

Anna and Woody (bonus winner)
Begins with some banter between Anna and Irish Woody. Anna strips to her undies and they have sex on the floor and on the leather sofa. Well lit and shot POV scene with Anna giving Woody very good value for money. The pair obviously worked hard to make this a deserved bonus winner.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

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