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Released: 2008
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring
Alternate Titles
  • Kendo's Voyeur: There's Something About Leigh Logan
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 91 mins.

Daring are rapidly building a portfolio of high class films using some of the best directors working in the industry. With Voyeur, which is in some places confusingly called There's Something About Leigh Logan and in others Kendo's Voyeur, Daring showcase the cream of British talent. Leigh Logan takes the lead role supported by Daisy Rock, Lolly Badcock and Paige, with Kendo behind the camera for this artistic, erotic extravaganza.

In her side-split black dress, Leigh climbs some stairs and walks along a corridor to her sparsely furnished stark flat. With the imagery in muted tones, Leigh takes her place on a deep black chair and parts her legs. Moistening her fingers, she plays with her pussy. Suited Ben and Keni wait at the other side of the room, wanking. Beckoning Leigh over, she kneels in front of Keni and plants her lips around his prick. Flicking back her long blonde hair, her tongue darts over his dick. The pair move to the sofa. Keni settles down. With her dress hanging open, Leigh slips down his cock. Turning onto all fours, Leigh is filled doggy. She crawls over the floor to suck on Ben's knob. The two stand. Ben slips his shaft onto Leigh's snatch. Keni comes over to jab his length into her mouth. The boys circle round Leigh, spit-roasting her. Ben cums over her bum and Keni in her mouth.

Standing in her basque and fishnet stockings, Leigh strokes her pussy as she stares at Paige sucking cock. Licking her sexy red lips, Leigh moves closer. Paige eases Johnny's cock into her arse. Leigh teases the bonking pair. Dropping onto her side, Paige's tongue and fingers dance over Leigh's pussy. The girls press together. Johnny squeezes his cheb between their kissing lips. Leigh leans forward to lap at Paige's pussy. Johnny slips his shaft into her from behind. Finally he jerks his load over the girls while they continue sucking each other's snatches.

In her slinky black dress, Lolly's hand runs along a stainless steel work top towards a tray of surgical tools and sex toys. Picking up a bright red vibrator, she caresses it and pops it into her mouth. Dressed in a sexy black number, Leigh watches while sucking on a big glass dildo. Turning, Lolly smiles as she rubs the toy against her swollen pussy lips. Leigh inserts the glass rod between her legs. Lounging against the steel counter, Lolly hammers away hard then wanders towards Leigh, toy in hand. Kissing, the girls embrace. Lolly licks her way towards Leigh's pussy. Kneeling, Lolly parts her bum cheeks. Leigh inserts the red vibrator into her arse. The pair fall to the floor with fingers and toys. They fuck each other to a climax and leave.

In a soft focus haze, Leigh sits blindfold on the kitchen floor. The image changes to a clearer shot of her stroking her body. Is this vision a day dream or a fantasy? Pulling up her black stockings, she approaches Keni. Kissing her neck, he slips his hand beneath her silk dress and strokes. Leigh bends to take his cock in her mouth. As she sucks, Keni uses his tie as a blindfold. Could it be her dream? The door opens and Clark appears. Leigh gropes and grabs for the boys' cocks. Kneeling on the sofa, Leigh takes one dick in her mouth and one in her fanny. The guys swap places. Still blindfolded, she's guided to ride Clark, then Keni. Placed on a stool, Leigh is slowly spun. The boys take turns banging her doggy. Blindfold off, she kneels as the pair shoot their loads over her face.

Her eyes closed, Leigh explores her naked body. As her fingers find her fanny the picture dissolves to Daisy pacing round a Japanese style futon. Relaxing on the low bed, Daisy eases her hands into her panties. Ben approaches. Daisy sits up, taking his cock deep down her throat as he undoes her bra. Ben's dick fills Daisy's cheeks. She dribbles down his shaft and over his balls. Peeling her knickers down, Daisy sits on Ben's prick. Her legs quiver as she slips up and down. Twisting herself onto all fours, Daisy guides Ben into her bum. He bangs away. The two turn, Daisy with Ben's cheb throbbing in her arse. He pulls out to cum over Daisy's pussy.

Subtly shot in stylish stark surroundings, Kendo has made the girls look sexy and as hot as hell. Top marks to Leigh Logan who smoulders her way through the scenes in what is one of her best performances to date. She's helped by some fine support work from Daisy, Lolly and Paige. Voyeur is another winner from the camera of Kendo.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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