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Released: 2009
Notes: Your Choice
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Review copy courtesy of Your Choice

Big heavy unattractive woman dildos herself.

Paris arrives late in a hotel room, apologises for her lateness, and offers the photographer a top show. Which she does by stripping to her fishnets and dildoing herself.

Bibi, Claire, Monica, Mouse
The girls have raided the sweetshop as all four writhe naked together on a bed sticking lollies, chocolate bars and drinks tubes up each other. In fact, there seems to be a competition to see how far the 8inch long phallic tubes can be inserted then expelled using vaginal muscle power only. Familiar bodies, but only Mouse listed.

Chris and Rob
Big breasted thirtysomething Chris in black hold-ups fucks Chris on a red bed in a red and black Chinese-themed bedroom. Sexy Chris is vaguely familiar so could be genuine partners or a pro-am session.

Tara and Cody
Tara has Anglo-Asian looks and figure not unlike US mega pornstar Tera Patrick. Cody films Tara stripping from a short red Kimono and using a dildo, then fixes the camera and joins her on the bed. Mainly static camera with occasional POV, but who can complain watching a girl as sexy as this get fucked. It would be a tragedy if this is her only scene - find me more!

Tracy G and Andy
Tracy leads the way, undressing a young Andy before he gives her a decent fucking on a bed. Finally, Andy removes the condom from his modest member and wanks over Tracy's equally modet tits. Looks like a recently shot scene.

Cora and Abraham
Lovers of dark-haired, slim, fit women will get excited by the long shot of Cora in black t-shirt, knickers and heels, bending over in the kitchen. Abraham joins her and self-films fucking her on the worksurface. More clips from the family album as Cora is fucked as a schoolgirl in glasses and fucked in black lingerie around the house. Nice girl, nice action, but where is Real Couples' OEJ when you need him to improve the production values?

Lilly and Victor
Dontcha just love Eastern Europeans? Slim, blonde, hard-bodied - and that's just the boys. Barry films pretty Lilly getting fucked by boyfriend Victor. Good hard sex in most positions before Lilly wanks Victor off. Full length version at Barry's Mucky Movies.

Tracy, James and Tom
Out and about on a bright winter's day with James and Tom from UK Downloads. Fumbling in the car and partly clothed fucking on a beach. Back home, everyone gets naked and fucks on a bed with condoms. Scene has been on the UK Downloads site for several years so precedes the earlier scene.

Tracey and Dave (bonus winner)
Dave plays a painter and decorator in a scenario that is even older than he is. After pricing up the bedroom job, Ashton (Tracey) is surprised by the cost and offers to fuck Dave senseless. They both strip off and fuck on the pine bed. The action is hard and well-filmed with Ashton taking Dave up her bum too. Ashton is one of the odd milfs to be found on Dave's Young Slut site and this is the scene featured in Dave's Young Sluts 2 release.

Susan, Rick and Steve (bonus winner)
Ember (Susan) is another woman who's been around on the pro-am circuit for a while. She's carrying a little extra weight, but it wobbles in a very sexy way as she's fucked by the two guys in her bedroom. Looks like one of the guys is her hubby (the tubby one with the smaller cock) as he gets to do it without a condom. Ember enjoys herself with a cock at both ends ... and so did I.

A collection well up to Your Choice's usual standard, but while most of the women performers are doubtless married they are generally not to the guy whose cock is in her pussy. And, while not as high as volume 52, over a third of the scenes are off pro-am websites. Perhaps the time has come for a new line from YC for all those low volume webmasters and performers without distribution deals to combine without the pretence of totally amateur status. I'd buy it. That is, I would if I didn't have these review copies.

And a final word about Ashton. Now carrying fractionally more weight than in her blistering performance with Marino in Road Trip to Newport, she puts in a top performance. For a woman who's been in and out of the business for five years, how come we can only buy four scenes? That's less than one a year!

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

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