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Released: 2009
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring, originally a Television X series
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Running time: 105 mins.

Kendo has turned to classic gothic horror for his movie The Vampires. The accursed cast of Daisy Rock, Lala, Lolly Badcock and Renee Richards, together with European star Diana Doll, prefer to dig their fangs into pussies and cocks rather than go for the jugular.

Lying in a candle lit bedroom, Lolly closes her book and starts to dream. Her hands run over her body, easing her boobs from a tight red basque before slipping down into her panties. Breathing heavily, Lolly's fingers slip into her pussy and she masturbates. Eyes closed, she slowly drops off to sleep. Dressed in black, Renee perches on the edge of Lolly's bed. Leaning forward, she licks at her body. Lolly awakes to find the fanged Renee biting at her nipples. Rather than recoiling, Lolly remains motionless as Renee licks her way down to her pussy. Knickers off, Renee's tongue and fingers probe. Renee rolls over, legs spread, to let Lolly lick away. Her lips are wet with her juices. In the eerie blue half-light the two suck and poke. Renee reaches for a shiny black rod and shoves it deep into Lolly. She then turns to try it on herself. The two climax and Lolly is left with her book.

Wandering across the room in a Victorian bustled dress, Daisy pauses to flick back her long, black hair. A cloaked JJ appears out of the shadows to lick her neck and shoulders. Daisy's dress drops to the floor. JJ fondles and sucks at her boobs. Opening his red lined cape, Daisy sinks to the floor and wraps her red lips round his dick. Filling her mouth, a string of saliva drips from her chin onto her breasts. Bending, Daisy groans as she rocks back against JJ's cock. The flesh above her stocking tops slaps against his thighs. With JJ on the floor, Daisy lowers herself onto his length. Holding her black high heels, she gyrates and grinds down. Pivoting round, Daisy rides reverse with JJ pawing at her body. Mouth open, Daisy waits as JJ jerks his jizz over her face.

Strolling round a derelict barn in white knee-length bloomers, Lala rests on a bale of straw. With sunlight streaking through the windows, her hand makes its way to her pussy and tugs at her erect nipples. Lala falls asleep. Startled, she awakens to find two hooded guys pawing at her knickers. Their fingers and tongues enter her pussy as they squeeze her boobs. Opening their cloaks, the two reveal their cocks. Lala sucks and wanks each in turn. Lying back, one of the boys bangs his prick between Lala's legs. She drops to her side to be taken spoons. Bodies tense and a jet of spunk is shot over Lala's stomach.

Sitting beside a huge fireplace, Mick Blue plays with the flame from a candle in the dark. He's visited by vampiress Diana Doll who is hunting for something to sink her teeth into.

Fangs sharpened, Diana caresses her black clad body as she eyes up her next pray. Lolly lies before her, surrounded by candles and ready for the taking. Moving next to her, their lips touch and tongues flick into each other's mouths. The camera pans down Lolly's fishnet stockings towards her strappy red platforms. She lowers her dress to let Diana lick at her breasts. Sitting up, Lolly grabs Diana's boobs and bites her nipples. Diana bends forward, rubbing and taking mouthfuls of Lolly's clit. Crouching, she forces her fanny into Lolly's face. The two girls 69. Getting Diana onto all fours, Lolly probes and laps at her pussy and arse. Grabbing a big red rod, she plunges it between Diana's legs. She wriggles and writhes as the toy is rammed home. The tables are turned and with a shiny black staff, Diana plunders Lolly's pussy. The pair lap at the juice covered toy.

With The Vampires, Kendo has redefined the genre of erotic gothic. The tales of blood and lust mix an atmosphere of horror with highly charged sex in a way rarely seen in the movies. The sets and production are top notch and all the cast put in stunning, sizzling performances. In short, The Vampires is about as good as it gets.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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