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Released: 2010
Notes: Your Choice
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With no man around, Axa fingers and dildos herself while telling us how much she wants one. She removes her shirt and bra to show off her huge nipples and sits wanking in a wicker chair. Ends with some pissing over the floor.

Tiny top, tiny skirt and a walk in the country. Beth flashes her furry bush to the camera, in the woods and in plain view of a cricket team. It might be small but Beth makes her entire purple dildo vanish between her muscular thighs.

Ann & Celeste
Two chunky amateur mammas fool about with each other on a bed using fingers, dildos and some light bondage.

Enzil & Kurt
This slim young amateur couple undress each other and have naturalistic sex on a big brown leather sofa. Enzil provides appreciative gasps and Kurt's big cock does its work, ending with a fine creampie. An English shoot despite the names. Decent camerawork, attractive couple, good scene.

Carmen & Kim
Two chunky girls - one blonde, one brunette (Kimberley Scott) - wake up feeling frisky. Fingers, dildos and some nice naked grappling.

Sarah, Tony & Steve
Sarah, already naked when the scene begins, is soon on her back with Tony between her thighs. Vigorous sex is followed by squelchy fisting and fingering of both holes, leaving Sarah ready for some serious anal. The boys swap the camera and Sarah gets it doggystyle from Steve who quickly shoots a load over her bum. Sara's young body soon has Steve hard again for a few more strokes.

Katie & Kirk
A mature Bristolian couple perform for Barry's camera. Stripped to her hold-ups on a bed, fleshy Katie is a very sexy woman who thoroughly enjoys Kirk's thick cock pounding her soaking wet pussy. Katies grunts, gasps and squirts in this arousing scene.

Kayo & Aubrey
Aubrey plays photographer as young and chunky Kayo strips for him. One thing leads to another and Aubrey is soon between Kayo's black stocking-clad thighs, fucking her on the sofa. Some decent sex between young Kayo and a man old enough to be her grandfather. Filmed by a remarkably silent Barry.

Zarina & Derek
Zarina, wearing a pleated skirt and white shirt, is getting ready to go out leaving boyfriend Derek behind. He objects to her sexy outfit and instead keeps her in for a fuck in the bedroom. Quickly naked, Zarina's small-breasted Pakistani body gets a serious fucking from Derek. Crisp camerawork and a pro performance.

Sasha, Tom & Hamish
Well spoken slim milf Sasha is showing off her piercing clinic to potential buyers Tom & Hamish. The guys want to see the figures, so Sasha gets hers out. She sits in the treatment chair dildoing herself before the guys get their cocks out for an oral greasing. Stripped to her basque and black stockings, Sasha announces she's gagging for it and takes both guys on the waiting room sofa. Skinny Tom has the bigger member and goes first. There's a fumbled attempt at a DP, followed by clear close-ups of the guy's condom clad cocks penetrating both pussy and arse. Sasha ends up covered in spunk and the deal closed.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2012

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