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Released: 2011
Notes: Your Choice
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Lee is a slim, mature, model wearing scarlet lingerie and natural stockings. On a hotel bed she sheds her bra and panties and gives a bravura solo solo performance with toys. Lee is otherwise known as Cee and other scenes, including hardcore, can be found online.

Nearly thirty minutes of Tracey wandering around the English countryside, mainly naked and frequently stopping for a pee. Fields, woodlands, streams. Finally back home, she masturbates with an empty beer bottle. Quite old video material and unfortunately, stretched to fit widescreen which does Tracey's figure no favours.

Emma & Claire
Older brunette Claire (or Emma) as a french maid and younger Emma (or Claire) as a schoolgirl. Mutual masturbation with vibrators, bottles, candles, a cucumber and celery (yes celery). The women stay clothed throughout apart from losing their knickers to facilitate a green salad going up their fannies.

Beth & Kim
Beth is a busty masseuse and Kim a busty client. Given the size of the girls' mammaries and the fact that they'r both wearing basques and stockings, it's hardly surprising the the vibrator-action concentrates on their nipples and clits...

Beth and Daren
...No sooner has Kim left, when Beth's hubby Daren returns. Beth is still horny so she soon has Daren naked on her massage table. Once both partners have given and received genital stimulation, they fuck missionary and doggy on the floor before Daren's modest member is wanked to completion.

Kelly and Declan
A young couple slowly strip each other on a brass bed. Nice red underwear with crotchless panties for Kelly. Kelly is blonde, small-boobed and nicely curvy. After some decent foreplay, Kelly impales herself on Declan's thick cock in reverse cowgirl. Spoons and doggy follow before Declan shoots a load over Kelly's face. But, as is the way with young people, Declan hardly loses wood so Kelly climbs aboard for some more fucking. Finally, Kelly lays back and uses a vibrator on herself until she pisses and Declan cums agin over her wet pussy. Cleanly lit and shot by a cameraman who knows what he's doing. For my money, best scene in the film.

Pretty, brunette and very, very, busty Megan explains to the cameraman just how dirty she can be. Minutes later, with her long black dress around her waist and her pants pulled aside, she's bent over the dining table and fucked. After just a couple of minutes action Megan drinks from the filled condom. In the bedroom Megan wanks the photographers cock in her face, slips off her pants and uses a large false cock on herself while talking dirty throughout. I really hope there's more of Megan out there.

Jenny and Woody
If it's Woody in front of the camera it could be Barry behind. But there's no intro as this scene which has Woody asleep on the couch and Jenny (who's husband has left for work) bringing him something hot. A cup of tea is first, then some oral and finally, a pretty decent fuck. Mature Jenny has a good figure and small tits which are well displayed throughout the action on the sofa. The action concludes with a creampie.

Daisy is a pretty American girl with long blonde hair, small tits but plenty of other curves. She strips under direction, then fucks an older guy using a condom. As is the way with these commercial set-ups, we never see the guy's face. US shot, using the same location as Asha's scene in VW61.

Chantelle flashes her boobs against Johnny's window coz she's a window cleaner. But as soon as Johnny lets her in, all she wants to do is fuck. So they do, in the lounge. A straightforward run through the positions by two pros on a couch. Ends with Johnny coming over Chantelle's big tits.

Irena, Tony and Mark
Barry is in Brighton with Tony and Mark who have been asked to fuck Irene's brains out. With the guy's naked and mature blonde Irene down to her white stockings and suspenders, the fucking starts. Attractive Irene is suitably enthusiastic as she's fucked and spit-roasted but Barry's fumbling camerawork and constant banter - "alright Tone?" - are a constant distraction. Could, and should, do better with this sexy milf.

Audrey enters a hotel room and keeps up a constant conversation with the cameraman as she strips and masturbates. Off come the vest, denim skirt and ripped fishnets until naked, Audrey pounds her pussy with a big pink vibrator. And that's it.

Sixty editions of Viewers Wives. A Diamond Jubilee for this Jubilee year. While I wasn't expecting to see members of the royal family with their tackle out, some special celebration with some arousing performances would have been most welcome. Regrettably, we get neither. Most scenes are well shot and put together, but rely too much on obviously professional shoots. Barry continues to publish his online scenes through VW and Video Kim chips in a couple of scenes too, but there are few standout performances. Busty Megan does claim to have a massive sex life - which I hope she commits more to digital sometime soon; while young couple Kelly and Declan ought to get a few more professional gigs and deserved a bonus. I expected more from £1,000 bonus winner Audrey (see her as a Sussex birdwatcher, fucking brother Jim Slip on his site) who warmed up nicely then stopped short which rather sums up the whole film.

Review by Bayleaf
August 2012

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