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Released: 2012
Notes: Your Choice
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A pretty young black girl with a neat curvy body strips then lies back and wanks on a hotel bed. Plenty of gasping and groans as she slips a little gold dildo in and out.

Meanwhile, in another hotel room Julie has already inserted a massive black rubber cock into her pussy while hubby films. This is followed by many other objects including a cucumber, a double ender into both holes, and a mobile phone which starts to ring and vibrate while deep inside her hairy cunt.

A voluptuous raven-haired MILF, Sarah sits on a bed in red PVC basque and black fishnets. Pulling her pants aside, she fingers her pussy before opening the basque to reveal all her curves. The scene ends with some spectacular pissing all over the floor.

Monica and Helen
Nice to see an attempt at intimacy between Monica (Haze) and Helen as they get naked on Barry's brass bedstead. There's kissing and pussy licking before Monica dons a generously proportioned strap-on and fucks Helen, missionary and doggy. Despite the faux intimacy there's not a lot of chemistry between these two and Helen can't keep a bored look of her face as Monica pounds away from behind.

Katey and Sian
Two lovelies, Katey and Sian, wake up together. They are naked apart from black fishnets and white stockings. Kissing, sucking, mutual masturbation and dildos. One of the performers is the exquisite Evey while the other, Sian, a brunette, seems familiar too.

Angelina and Tori
We're back on Barry's brass bed where Angelina, a young, curvy brunette in white frilly lingerie, plays with herself on the bed before being joined by older blonde, Tori. As the scene progresses the women strip to their stocking and pleasure each other with a rabbit vibrator. It seems to hit the spot for both girls in this heated scene.

Tracey & Phil
A bit of outdoor action as grey-haired Phil fucks Tracey in a field. Tracey slips her panties off as Phil pokes a banana in her pussy but keeps her suede miniskirt and blacks boots on as she gets fucked doggy, missionary and cowgirl. Phil has his pierced helmet polished by Tracey's mouth before bending her over a pile of concrete sleepers in full view of the road and fucking her. Ends with decent facial.

Asha & Bernard
Asha looks and fucks like an pornstar, fake tits, tanned body, firm tummy and extensive tattoos. Which I suspect is what she is, in this US shot scene with an amateur condom-clad stud. Vigorous fucking in a tiny room with a concluding facial that suggests Asha might want to find a different line of work. Same room, same stud, same M.O. as Daisy's scene in VW60.

Curvy black girl Crystal gets herself in the mood by stripping, masturbating and dildoing herself before the photographer gets involved. A quick bit of reverse cowgirl, then Crystal wanks her man off. The whole scene appers to be shot in sepia monochrome, apart from the cobalt blue dildo and scarlet condom plunging into Crystal's pussy. Quite arty but accidental I think.

Bexi & Neil
Northern lass Bexi is stark naked on a hotel bed, enjoying a cuppa before turning her attention to middle-aged Neil. Dirty Bexi demonstrates skill and enthusiasm and fucks in all positions showing off her firm, small-titted body. And Neil gets more than his moneysworth as Bexi fellates him to climax. A fine mixture of fixed camera and POV which, they claim, has taken a whole day of sex. Bexi must have done more scenes.

Emma & George
Slim blonde Emma looks a convincing schoolgirl wearing a grey uniform but the white fishnet stockings don't look regulation. Dirty old man George fingers her trimmed pussy while Emma's girlfriend films the action. After wanking George to a climax, Emma lies back on the bed wearing her uniform and an eye-mask as George slips his sheathed cock inside her. A little cowgirl before George spills again, this time over Emma's belly. The girls keep up a steady stream of banter as George take the camera and films both girls

Theresa (Bonus Winner)
Classic housewife-fucks the repairman set-up with American Theresa placing high and low-level cameras in her US kitchen before calling her man to fix the fridge. Brunette Theresa is long-legged with a fine taut, extensively tattooed body. Her partner has a big cock, so the sex is hard and noisy. There's fucking over the units and on the floor before Theresa sucks her man off and sends him on his way.

Bonus Scenes

Lizzie Anne
A 45 minute compilation of material starts with auburn-haired MILF Lizzie inserting the contents of her greengrocers up her cunt (is that a butternut squash?). Loads of dildo action in her furry pussy, outdoor flashing, pissing and a little doggystyle pov fucking. Variable video quality but the action is generally good with some very hot scenes.

Kelly Fox
Kelly starts by cavorting naked in an outdoor pool. She then pisses around the pool, in the flowerbeds and the bathroom. On the bed Kelly spreads spray cream over her pussy and tits then dildoes herself, smearing cream all over body. There's plenty more pissing around the place, ending with her part filling a jug with pee in the kitchen, then putting the jug to her lips.

Jess West
Jess is picked up in the street for this cod "introduction-to-modelling" scenario. Jess is persuaded to pose and strip for the camera on a secluded patio amid some execrable dialogue with the cameraman. So spontaneous is this scene that there's oil and a massive pink dildo just handy to go up up her pussy. Jess looks fabulous glistening in the sunshine but this is best watched with the sound off.

Despite the huge bonus scenes which could fill a whole DVD by themselves, this compilation still feels a bit thin. Perhaps it's the disproportionate number of solo and girl/girl scenes, or the lack of arousing sex action. Nothing stands out. Porn anoraks may point to only the third scene in 10 years from Tracey as a point of interest but it's pretty lame. Only the perky Bexi shows the sort of genuine amateur enthusiasm that characterises the best Viewers' Wives. And I think we can discount the entirely false libido of Theresa in the final scene. Not the worst VW but a country mile from the best.

Review by Bayleaf
August 2012

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