< When Rocco Meats Kelly DVD available

Released: 1998 (2004 for DVD)
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Quando Rocco incontra Kelly DVD available EPM DVD, uncut
  • When Kelly Met Rocco
  • When Rocco Meat Kelly sic.
Notes and Reviews

Part of the problem with identifying the cast of Rocco's movies is the fact that the Italians who do the titles are not well versed in English spelling and grammar. This also leads to the various versions of the title of When Kelly Meet Rocco (sic). Also called in catalogues When Rocco Meets Kelly. When Kelly Meet Rocco is on the credits.

Most of the film is a series of auditions at the Kool Klass agency, some short some long, other footage is intercut, especially of Kelly Stafford, and there is a long scene with Rocco and Kelly at the end.

  • Cindy Reed (the real one), Sonja, Vivien are all short strips
  • Anne-Marie and Charles (also auditioning) have a sex scene, followed by Rocco and Anne-Marie then Omar joins in leading to what appears to be a DPP and facials
  • Tania (brunette aka Joanne) who only likes black men takes on five of them including Omar
  • Terri takes on Rocco
  • Natasha Grove, Lisa Stretton and Marina Curran with two men. Tasha and Lisa do most of the action. Joined by Kelly Stafford, introduced by Kirstyn as not doing any hardcore, who watches with Marina and Kirstyn
  • Kelly's scene with Rocco - he persuades her to take part in his toilet perversions, being pissed on, at first avoiding then later drinking. She also pisses in the bath. There is oral, vaginal and anal penetration with spanking and slapping of tits, finally he cums in her arse, she scoops it out and eats it.

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