< When Rocco Meats Kelly 2 "In Barcelona"

Released: 1999 (2000 for DVD)
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco & Kelly 5 DVD available MMV
  • Rocco e Kelly indecenti a Barcelona DVD available Italy, EPM
  • When Rocco Meats Kelly 2
Notes and Reviews

Footage from Kelly Stafford's stay in Barcelona is interspersed with more deliberate sex scenes, some involving her.

  • Scene with Rocco, another male and three European girls
  • Kelly groping and sucking visitors to the sex trade fair
  • Scene in a bedroom with Rocco working the camera where she fucks and sucks an ageing, bald dwarf who she pretends is a baby, playing with his dummy, inserting it into his arse and then into her mouth. He comes onto his belly and she licks it up
  • Scene with Rocco, Kelly, male, female. Kelly takes an anal from both men, repeated A2Ms, anal from Rocco while sucking off the other man, a DP and facial
  • Kelly exposing herself to a taxi driver, grabbing his hand and inserting his finger in her pussy while the taxi is driving through the streets
  • Kelly arrives at the trade fair, enters the men's toilets and gropes the men present, briefly sucking one
  • Extracts from her stage show including grabbing one man, pulling him onto the stage and allowing him to put his fingers up her. She stuffs items of underwear into her pussy and, mostly, her arse and throws them into the audience
  • Gangbang scene in which she takes on five men plus Rocco, the cameraman for most of the scene. Includes anals, but not DP, ending with her party piece of allowing them to cum in her arsehole and then scooping it out and eating it

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