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Notes and Reviews

Directed by Lindsay Day, 2001

There is no dialogue in this, just narration, but it does have a storyline which is very much to do with sex and therefore not a ridiculous attempt to make a porn thriller or something.

Carly G is on trial for lewdness and witchcraft. The charges are read out by one of the monks who are judging her and we see the events described in the charges.

  • She is charged with visiting a 'Doctor of the black arts' and lying with him. He is a black man and she has an m/f scene which is mainly cavorting and light groping but ends with sex in the doggy position. She exhausts him, steals his potion to which she adds the contents of her pussy.
  • Accused of lesbian sex with two girls, seducing them with the potion - Lotte and Sally [5] (not seen before) and again we see this.
  • Then she is accused of introducing them to further depravities with men and we see an orgy in which all three girls get fucked and there is les stuff as well.
  • She is sentenced to death, but first she must be purged of her sins by being gang banged by her three judges.
  • She is then put in a cage from which she is removed by her executioner, but she seduces him and has anal sex with him and gains her freedom.

In common with all of this director's stuff, there are no facials, but this is a good follow up to the Cameo Collection series and we hope for many more from the same source.

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