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Released: 2002
Notes: www.wwpw.co.uk, on DVD with no. 2
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Starring Wendy Taylor, Sasha [5], Jorge, Matt.

There are 3 scenes in this film which runs at about 65 mins. Each of the scenes are given a short introduction by Wendy before the action begins.

The basic premise is that Wendy is auditioning potential porn studs to see if they are up to it.

Scene 1: Wendy is sitting behind a desk having a chat with Jorge whom she met at Erotica. She tells him that he must prove he is capable of performing in front of the camera and promptly instructs him to get his knob out. They then go at it for a while before Sasha is called in to assist (as if Wendy needs any help!) and "Lucky" Jorge, as his mates now call him, has the pleasure of both these lovely ladies. The scene ends with the girls taking a facial.

Scene 2: Wendy heads off to a housing estate in Brighton (if I remember correctly) to meet Matt at home. It transpires that Matt has sent Wendy a video which she was very impressed with and has offered to try him out as a stud. After a bit of groping, Wendy disappears for a few moments and emerges having changed into "something more comfortable". Whilst Wendy is away, the cameraman asks Matt what he thinks of her. His reponse is enthusiastic. On Wendy's return, they get down to business in a variety of positions before he shoots a sizeable load over her breasts and face.

Scene 3: Wendy is talking about her time with Matt, and the fact that he made her so horny she's had to stop the car for a spot of manual relief. She gets out of the car and heads off to a barn where she gives herself a roll in the hay.

Both the girls seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves and the studs perform well, although Matt seemed a little nervous at first. I make no apologies for the fact that Wendy Taylor is my favourite performer by a country mile, and this film is another example of her splendid abilities.

An honourable mention should also go to Sasha. This is the second film I've seen her in and I definitely want to see more. If Stud Hunts 2 & 3 are anywhere near as good then I want to see them NOW!

Review by Onan

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