< The Writer 2: Tales of Erotica R18 DVD available

Released: 2002
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Cathy Barry Entertainment
Notes and Reviews

DVD (chaptering), Cathy Barry Entertainment, thanks to them for the review copy.

Same intro as in The Writer 1.

Lesbian Art Lesson

Carla St James is an art student being taught how to paint a nude by Stephanie Grant. The nude in question is Cathy Barry. Stephanie's main instruction is to 'Feel the shape' which is meant and taken literally, leading to a threesome, eventually involving dildos. Cathy takes a dildo DP.

Stag Night Gang Bang

Bev Thornton (Brandy) is hired as a strip-a-gram - or more like a fuck-a-gram - for a bachelor party which turns into a gang bang. This is a good scene as the scenario is quite realistic, there is a good build up and the fact that the male participants are not professional studs adds to the realism. However, it does cause problems in terms of camerawork and editing. There are more blow jobs than visible fucking, but there is a DP. There are several cumshots, mainly over her body. I'd like to see more of Brandy's work.

Porno Fantasy Fuck

Autumn is watching, and wanking to, a porn video on TV. She goes up close to the set to see Faye Rampton and Melissa Walker having their way with Frazer. The next thing we know she is through the screen and into the scene - if you are going to borrow an idea, then, as here, borrow form a master of porn, Francis Leroi (RĂªves de cuir). Frazer is then spoilt for choice and two girls do g/g while he does the rounds. All three share the facial. Great for me to see Autumn in action for the first time.

Hot Property

Natalie Jones and Gazza are waiting for an estate agent to show them round a property. Blonde Vicky [11] turns up and begins to show them round. She turns on her ankle - an excuse for a bit of a grope from Natalie. Vicky then goes to the loo, and turned on by the grope, masturbates. Meanwhile Natalie and Gazza, also turned on, turn to each other. Vicky returns and joins in - at least to the extent of g/g. Natalie takes a facial and Vicky licks some of it. Great, too, for me to see Natalie in b/g action for the first time.

Kinky Coppers

A more rudimentary scenario for this one and it seemed a bit of an afterthought. Pete le Meat and Taylor Morgan dressed as coppers, go into an office and have sex. This includes RC anal and facial. The scenario may be basic, but any scene with Taylor Curran is worth watching.

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