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Released: 2002
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Cathy Barry Entertainment
Notes and Reviews

DVD (chaptering), Cathy Barry Entertainment, thanks to them for the review copy.

A male author is seen typing his stories with a voice over reading typical erotic novel sentences. Vignettes follow.

Hot 'n' Sticky

Cathy Barry is seen sleeping on a sofa surrounded by smoke. Police (Pete le Meat and Jane Whitehouse) burst in with a fireman who deals with the fire and then joins the others. Jane recognises Cathy - 'You're that pornstar. You take it up the arse and everything'. Pete asks if Cathy thinks he could be a pornstar which provides an excuse for the cocks to come out of trousers. We then get a foursome in which Jane does g/g and simulated b/g (though making a good contribution to the scene with her personality) and Cathy does a DP and takes facials.

Cock Hungry Bitches

Frazer is cleaning some upstairs windows. Inside, Sandie Caine and Jamie Woods are making love on the bed. They see him looking and Jamie moves seductively towards the window and beckons him in. A threesome follows in which Jamie does anal and the girls share the facial.

Bondage Fuck Frenzy

Fine-looking newcomer Georgia is typing at her PC. A man comes and chats to her and arranges she come to his house later as a surprise for his wife. The wife turns out to be Jane Whitehouse. He ties her to the bed and blindfolds her and then invites in Georgia as the surprise. Jane is then groped and licked by both and the blindfold comes off for her to see Georgia giving the bloke a blowjob. Again Jane does mostly g/g and dildos herself, but does sit on the bloke's face while Georgia rides him. Georgia takes the facial.

Garage Gang Bang

Summer drives up to a garage, gets out of the car revealing a very short skirt - some great upskirt shots - and goes in to ask a mechanic (Jaz) to take a look at the car. Another mechanic drives it into the garage and a third (Aaron) is working on another car. They open the bonnet, Summer touches the engine and takes her hand away quickly as it is hot, but jerks it back into Jaz's crotch. She then offers to rub it better. Quite a well-done lead in to sex. Groping then proceeds to blow jobs. Aaron joins in and goes down on her as she lies on the bonnet. A DP takes place on the bonnet and she takes three facials while lying on the bonnet with her head over the front of the car, giggling all the time. Unfortunately this is not a good angle for the purposes of the cameraman and we don't see the facials as clearly as we would like. Excellent scene overall though.

Filthy Slut Takes It All

Angel-Long is a building inspector and inspects the work of two carpenters (one is Frazer). This involves climbing a ladder in very short skirt and stockings and then asking to have a look at their tools - no opportunity for a knob joke is missed in these latest releases from Cathy Barry. This leads to a threesome including DP and facials.

Another very enjoyable and horny set of vignettes.

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