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Released: 2004 (2006 for DVD)
Director: Bas Meradian (Ben Maradian on cover)
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 71 mins.

One of the first things to say about Adult Channel's DVD release of five episodes from their 2004 Wet Team Dream series is ignore the cast list on the box cover and ignore the opening titles, these bear little relationship to the girls who actually appear in the film.

The story line is simple - a multi-millionaire has invested a fortune in Screw Alexandria football team, but isn't getting the results he wants. Each scene starts with a poor spoof of a sports interview where the puns and double entendres fall flat.

Snatch of the Day
Following another lacklustre performance at the weekend, manager Elen Cole calls in Laura Jones and Vicky Valentine, the senior players on the team, for a tactics session. Pointing out their errors, she leads them through to the treatment suite for a quick massage. Laura is first to be covered in oil on the table, her lilac top is lifted as Vicky and Elen caress and kiss her tits. Stripped down to her knickers, Elen invites the other two to give her bum a quick rub down. They show their appreciation by lapping and licking her pussy. Vicky is the last girl to receive treatment. Laura and Elen finger fuck her as they suck on her nipples. Elen says she wants the pair to concentrate on the box and hands them vibrators to practice. Laura sticks her's on herself, Vicky pushes the second toy in Elen's pussy. The team bonding is complete.

Team Spirit
Things aren't going well on the training pitch. Star player Nadia is injured and Karen has pulled something. The two head back inside. The girls end in the ref's changing room where they kiss and play with each other's boobs. Taking down her shorts, Karen sits on the bench, her legs spread wide so Nadia can tongue her pussy and squeeze her tits. The two swap places and Karen buries her face in Nadia's hairy muff, making her quiver with excitement. Karen also wants to cum so Nadia brings her off with her tongue.

Enter Meringue
To bolster the team the boss manages to sign European player of the year Meringue (Kat Varga). She is picked up at the airport and whisked to a luxury hotel where she wants to be left alone to rest. Kat starts to run her hands over her body when the phone rings. It's sports journalist Sasha who wants an interview. The conversation soon turns to sex. Both girls say their knickers are wringing wet. Removing her jacket, Sasha pulls at her nipples. Kat likes the sound and slips her hand down her pants. Sasha tells Kat to strip and finger fuck. She lies back in her chair, her long stocking-clad legs on the desk, rubbing her pussy through her black knickers as the moans come down the phone line. Kat uses a vibrator on her pussy and before long she climaxes. The sound of Kat's pleasure makes Sasha wank even harder on the other end of the line.

Do The Lambada
Brazilian superstar Ashley Long is in town with her agent Jo May, but will she sign for Screw? Before putting pen to paper she wants a session with captain Laura to see how things will work. Climbing onto the table, Ashley removes Laura's bra and starts playing with her tits. Jo May sits at one end of the table, her hands down her knickers. Ashley slips off Laura's knickers and goes down between her legs. The superstar likes what she sees. The two swing to face Jo May, Laura sinking to suck at Ashley's pussy as she fingers Jo May. Happy that she will fit in, Ashley signs.

Va Va Voom
During the season's crunch match, Nadia gets sent off with Fran Lord and Louise from the opposition. None of the girls are happy with referee Lucy Law's decision. Back in the dressing room, things start to get angry when ref Lucy turns up and tells the girls to make up. The three kiss then strip Lucy down to her purple and black crotchless knickers and give her a good licking. The girls pair up - Nadia with Fran and Lucy with Louise - for some finger fucking and sucking action. Lucy is pleased to see the girls have made up and rescinds their red cards.

For a film with such a lot of talent, Wet Dream Team is very disappointing. The introductions to each scene are feeble and ponderous, adding nothing to the film, and the action is not given enough time to develop. When this is coupled with a very short running time it makes Wet Dream Team very poor value for money. Definitely one to leave on the shelf.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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