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Released: 2005
Notes and Reviews

This first release by new production company Wankstar is excellent. The talent is as good as it gets, and that's world class, and the production values are top class and promise even more.

In the first scene Kat Varga is the victim of a mugging in an alleyway. Forturnately passerby Mark Sloan comes to her rescue and takes her home for some first aid. Kat looks her usual gorgeous self sitting on Mark's sofa wearing an off-the-shoulder red t-shirt and white miniskirt and as soon as she has a plaster on her grazed knee the action begins. The pair move to Mark's bedroom kissing, groping and undressing which leads to conventional fuck on the bed. The action is strong and hard, ending with an excellent slo-mo facial.

Alyssa Jenkins sells sex toys doy to door. Today she calls at Tony de Serghio's flat and shows him her wares, but Tony wants a demonstration. Moving to his bedroom Alyssa hitches up her skirt revealing white panties and stocking tops and shows what can be done with her favourite Rabbit. A couple of minutes of self pleasuring and Alyssa is happy to fuck Tony, so she strips to her stockings and takes his cock in her mouth. Fucking starts as soon as Tony is undressed, although he does find a black mask in the toybox to put on. Sex in cowgirl and doggy then Tony eases Alyssa's bum open with a little dildo and deeply fucks her up the arse. More anal in missionary then Tony kneels over Alyssa and wanks over her face. At the point of climax cgi takes over and we see Tony's ejaculation from 360 degrees. Alyssa doesn't bother to dress as she packs her kit and she's apparently not pleased by Tony's failure to buy anything, but she compensates herself by stealing his wallet...

Julie, played by Ashley Long, is watching a porno DVD at home when boyfriend Demetri joins her. Without much ado Demetri undresses Ashley and they fuck on a big green leather sofa. Top action in reverse cowgirl, doggy and missionary which ends in a fine facial. Over a post-coital cigarette Ashley thinks she might like to appear in a porn film and calls the number on the DVD cover.

A week later, and after the required medical, Ashley arrives at the Wankstar offices where a company executive introduces her to Sarah Nice. On a bed the girls use a pink dildo on each other while keeping most of their clothes on.

Having passed the first part of the audition, Ashley starts the second bg part with Todd, played by Ian (dirty dog) Tate. Ashley and Ian fuck in all positions, including anal in doggy and spoons, and ends with an excellent slo-mo facial.

Trailers for Dick Bastardly, Lick my 9 and Sexual Revolutions reloaded.

Wankstar have obviously set their stall out to be a cut above any other British producer. Classy action in well lit and edited scenes with believable performances make this DVD a joy to watch. From the opening credits to the final cum shot the graphics and the soundrack are mainstream quality, although some of the dialogue is hard to hear. My main complaint is that such an innovative debut is lumbered with such a poor script. The three scenarios, though well done, are hackneyed beyond belief. That said, the trailers promise future releases that look and sound incredible, with enhanced computer generated imagery. The production team deserve huge praise and I hope the scriptwriter recovers to contribute next time.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2005

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