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Released: 2005
Director: Kendo
Notes: Ruder Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 163 mins.

For White Knights and Pink Maidens Kendo has turned to the medieval for inspiration. In six scenes and over 2½ hours, chain mailed girls with their wicked sex toys and studs who are out for a ride re-enact the sex of the dark ages.

Natalia, in a blue teddy, matching lace knickers and chain mail head dress, is playing with herself on a large oak chair when Lolly Badcock walks in carrying a dildo on the end of a lance. Lolly leans down to lick Natalia, preparing her to take the shiny silver rod. Natalia has a leg over each arm of the chair and Lolly jabs away at her pussy with her weapon, Natalia's labia sliding up and down its chrome length. Removing the juices Natalia pulls her legs back to take the full benefit of the toy and Lolly's fingers up her arse. The girls swap and Natalia sucks hard, filling her mouth with Lolly's pussy lips as she attempts to swallow a huge red toy. The pair continue to play and tongue each other until they climax.

Elle Brook, in a sheer white negligee, is in a bed chamber guarded by two studs. They watch with interest as she fingers and plays with her wet pussy, eventually joining her on the bed. The boys lick and caress Elle's body as she runs the tip of a toy across her clit. The toy is discarded when the guys start with their fingers and tongues, Elle taking their dicks in her mouth. They turn Elle round and a cock is eased into her pussy as she fills her mouth with the second. The guards continue to fuck Elle in various positions and finish spraying her face with spunk.

In the garden, leather and steel clad Natalie Heck is having fun with Renee, the sun glinting off their outfits as they finger fuck each other. Lying back with her head in a flower bed Renee sucks on a double ended dildo while Natalie laps at her pussy getting it ready for what it is about to receive. Ramming the huge red toy into Renee, Natalie pounds away to get her to cum. It's now Natalie's shot, wriggling and writhing she works the other end of the toy between her legs. A little juice removal and the girls share the toy, banging hard against each other 'til they climax.

Elle, in a crimson basque, is in a large hall where the paint work matches her outfit, with a knight to her side and a three-foot dildo pole in her hand. He watches intently as the rod is manoeuvred in and out of her love box. Further back Natalie is also admiring her handy work. Resting one end on the floor, Elle semi sits on the tool, rocking it back and forth into her pussy. With Elle on all fours the knight takes the toy, guiding it between her legs, his reward a good long blow job. Seeing what's on offer Natalie join in the knob sucking, then moves to get licked herself as Elle is rogered from behind. Pulling her latex knickers to one side Natalie rides the knight till he's ready to pop and the girls take his load over their faces.

Alicia is wandering the ramparts in a long black cape when she finds two men in iron masks. Their faces may be covered but Alicia can still get at their cocks, wanking them slowly before slipping them into her mouth. Alicia is engrossed and gagging as her tonsils are banged when a third masked man with a dildo sword appears. She soon has him prodding her pussy. They go inside and Alicia has her pussy plundered with lengths of man meat. With her pussy and throat stuffed Alicia pulls at her bum and once it is gaping the third cock is pushed in for some DP action. She ends the session having her arse pile driven with the dildo sword and the guys cumming over her bum.

The final scene finds Natalie Heck in a cage in front of a roaring fire. Natalia comes in to untie her from her cell and in return gets her pussy licked and probed with a big black toy. Stripping Natalie out of her shiny steel bra Natalia sucks her breasts before heading south to tongue and toy her pussy. The girls 69 letting out muffled moans as they munch away at minge. A little more toy action and both sigh with pleasure.

The film has a good mix of boy/girl and girl/girl scenes and all were well performed. A question has to be asked, however, about the chain mail head gear which kept getting in the way of the action. Also, unusually for a Kendo film, there are lighting problems in the third scene with sharp shadows and the reflection from the lens. Don't get me wrong, this is still a good film, but ... it could have been excellent.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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