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Released: 2006
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Fick-WM DVD available Tabu Love
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 132 mins.

For those who don't live in England, or who want to watch a film instead of football on the telly, there's no escape with Relish's latest production, World Cups. The cast is multinational with all the girls interested in balls of one type or another.

Kicking off with a two-a-side game, the English pair of Danny and Dougie find themselves up against the talented Czech duo of Dionne and Nikki Sin. The girls can't seem to stop the balls going in so a change of tactic - Danny gets kicked between the legs meaning Michelle will have to take over. Nikki lifts her top for Michelle to lick her tits and Dionne dips her hand into Dougie's shorts. Before long all three girls are crouched, their tongues running up and down his shaft. Michelle guides Dougie's dick into Nikki's pussy then licks the pair as they shag. Leaning forward she gets her arse fingered. The Czech team go off for some 69 action while Michelle stands with her leg on the crossbar and Dougie filling her from behind. Teasing Michelle's clit with his cock, Dougie thrusts hard into her cunt and, screaming, she orgasms and has to leave the pitch. Liking the look of Dionne's arse, Dougie jams his member in while Nikki lies beneath her tongue exploring her pussy. When he is ready to shoot, the girls sit up to take Dougie's jizz on their tits.

Having been clobbered in the balls, Danny calls to see Natalie North the physio. Putting him on the treatment table she wants to do some function tests. His cock looks a little swollen, but she'll get a better idea by using her tongue and mouth. Natalie's lips work their way along Danny's shaft as he plays with her hair - just as she suspected, stiff and enlarged. Removing her knickers, Natalie climbs onto the table - putting his prick in her pussy may help Danny's recovery. She rocks and squeezes her buttocks as the rides him. Natalie moves to a large blue ball. Lying over it she is fucked missionary. She moves face dawn and pulls open her bum. Danny slips in deep. The bum banging treatment continues on the table till Danny cums over Natalie's trim body. She is sure his cock will be swollen again tomorrow for his next treatment.

Every world cup has a world cup song and, in a studio, Yazmin is recording this years... unfortunately she cannot sing. The staff pop off to the pub leaving her alone to practice. Rubbing the neck of a guitar between her legs doesn't help her voice but it does make her horny. She strips out of her white top and denim skirt and starts to play. Finding a large vibrator in her bag, Yazmin props herself against the speakers and wanks at her moist hole till she climaxes.

Commentator Mark Sloan is desperate for a cuppa and a pie. Jessica appears in the box with just what he wants. She also has a cuppa and a pie. Sitting her on his knee, Mark peels down her pink basque and starts to suck on her tits. His fingers enter her knickers. Bending over, she dribbles on his cock and laps at his nut sack - what ball control! Lying over the desk, Mark jabs three fingers into her pussy. Where the digits have been the cock follows. The two roll around the desk, Jessica riding Mark then being taken doggy. She drops to the floor to have her tits covered in spunk. Scraping off the cream with the pie, she eats it.

The Brazilian team of Leah and Rio haven't come out of the dressing room to start the game. Instead they have taken a shower then done what Brazilians are famous for, waxing their pussies. Referee Sonny wants to know what's going on. He quickly finds his shorts round his ankles with the girls blowing on his whistle. Rio slides her smooth snatch down Sonny's shaft and starts to samba. Leah wanks with a vibrator as she watches. Sonny has a change of allegiance, moving his cock to Leah's pussy so that he can take her from behind. Rio rubs her fanny in his face. With both girls bent over, Sonny darts back and forward between the pair, eventually spunking over their faces.

It's the final, England against Germany. Both countries have their best players on the pitch - Danny and Natalie Heck against Dieter and Monica Lion. At the end of the game all is square so it's down to penalties. Unfortunately Natalie fails to stop the ball from entering. To celebrate she takes Dieter's dick deep down her throat. Danny drops his shorts to join the action and Monica gives him a blow job. On all fours, Natalie is banged in the box, while Monica is taken spoons in the penalty area. Swapping partners, both girls end with gaping arses as the boys hammer their bums. The two kneel behind the goal for the boys to shoot into their mouths. They dribble over the cup then lick it off.

This is not one of Relish's better works. Mostly shot in a plain white studio, at times the picture appears too bright. As for the scenes, the action was good and well performed, but the lead-ins at times dragged. Seeing one goal scored is fine, but after the third penalty it gets a bit boring. The other problem with this and other 'world cup' based films is that, like Christmas cards, once over no one will be interested until next time round... and who knows maybe even Scotland will be there in 2010.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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