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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason as Johnny Rebel
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 90 mins.

Review copy courtesy Rude Britannia

Ten girls pair, up two at a time, to take cock from Pascal White and Tony James and despite the demanding nature of the young ladies involved both guys are up to the job.

In scene one gap-toothed Hungarian sexpot Andrea joins with pretty blonde Lolita, another new Eastern European lovely, to get a proper shagging from Pascal in Johnny's blue bedroom. The girls are naked within 60 seconds and sucking Pascal's knob and thirty seconds after that Lolita is riding Pascal cowgirl while Andrea curls her finger up her friend's bum hole. More in missionary for Lolita, then it's Andrea's turn as Pascal swaps his cock between the girls. Scene ends with both girls lying back and Pascal shooting his load over their toes.

Janca and Alexis May take on Tony James on the familiar blue check sofa. Once again the trio are naked in under 60 seconds and the girls are pulling on Tony's engorged cock. Fucking starts in missionary for Janca while Alexis sits on her face, then moves to doggy for Alexis as the girls are in 69. Urgent cowgirl and reverse cowgirl for both girls and plenty of good interaction between the girls as they munch on each other's pussies while getting fucked. Side-by-side doggy before Tony cums over Alexis' great tits.

Pascal sits between Jessica and Lucy on the sofa as the action kicks off at a much slower pace. All three get undressed while licking and sucking, so Lucy still has her top and Jessica her denim skirt on when the girls wiggle their bums in the air side by side for a doggystyle fucking. More missionary and doggy with the girls often in 69 licking and rubbing each others' pussies. More cowgirl and spoons for both before Pascal pulls out and cums over Lucy's bum as Jessica drains the last of Pascal's balls with her mouth.

On the bed with Tony are newbies Lexi and Vanessa, more graduates from John's porn academy. Undressing here takes well over 3 minutes amidst much eager kissing and licking, but eventually the girls have Tony's erect manhood in their hands and Lexi impales herself in reverse cowgirl. Both girls get their fair share of cock in all positions while the girls kiss and lick each other's parts in a satisfactory way for all concerned. Scene ends with both girls lying on the bed and getting a joint facial.

Finally Tony has the pleasure of Renee and Majella on a bed together. No change in pace or style as all three undress quickly and Renee is promptly on top of Tony's cock while Majella continues to sit on his face. The girls swap positions, then both get fucked doggy style then in spoons, all the while ensuring that their mouths are munching the other's pussy. Fine reverse cowgirls for both girls before Tony delivers a joint facial.

Fine enthusiastic fucking from ten horny girls in the no nonsense way we've come to expect from John Mason. Three debutantes who are probably Eastern European (nobody talks much in this movie) add to the pleasure with the promise of more to come in other Johnny Rebel releases. Seems churlish to point out that at 90 minutes it's rather short by John's usual standards, but the quality of the girls and the fucking more than compensate. Nice.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Johnny Rebel has seven new or newish girls to appear alongside Majella, Renee and the tattooed Belgian Janca in five girl/girl/boy scenes, Pascal and Tony providing the male interest. For those who have seen Johnny's works before the settings are very familiar - the blue painted bedroom, the blue-grey sofa, the cream bedroom etc., but the presentation is unlike anything Johnny has made before.

In a rapid succession of 'clips' linked by editing effects, blonde petite Lolita and dark haired Chelsea strip and pull down Pascal's pants. Two minutes in and you realise that what looked a cleverly cut strip sequence to start the scene isn't. The whole scene is made up of 20 to 30-second snippets with the editor going berserk with the special effects. The picture spins out, drops down, splits into multiple sections ... there's so much editing going on you lose track of the action. Briefly both girls appear to ride Pascal, get taken doggy and 69 each other before having cum sprayed over their feet. Were they good? Very hard to tell anything.

The second scene with big boobed Scot Alexis and Janca has the pair sandwiching Tony on the sofa. The good news is by the time Alexis peels off her white bra and panties every special effect button must have been pressed, and though there are still some spurious cuts and special effects, you can watch what's going on. Janca and Tony suck on Alexis's tits. The three move to the floor, Janca clasping Alexis's cunt to her face as she is fucked. The girls turn to lap each other's clits, Tony jabbing his cock between Alexis's legs. Back on the sofa the two ride Tony's dick, Alexis's huge tits swaying and bouncing with each thrust. Kneeling, the two are taken from behind. Tony cums over Alexis's tits.

The two blondes Jessica and Lucy appear with Pascal next. Jessica eases her tits out of her bright pink top for the two to play with. She works her way down Pascal's body to join Lucy licking his prick. The two take turns mounting Pascal's shaft. The large buttons on Lucy's denim skirt jangle as she rides reverse. Lucy laps at Jessica's pussy as she is taken from behind. She rolls onto her side. Jessica kneels. Pascal slips his cock into her pussy and hammers away. Pulling out, he sprays his load over her bum and back. Lucy cleans up the cream.

In the bedroom, Tony struggles to remove Lexi's and Vanessa's tops. They have fewer problems with his pants and soon start to suck his cock. With Tony pumping Lexi's pussy, Vanessa looks slightly uncomfortable as she rubs her petite tits, not so much caressing more like scrubbing. The girls swap, Vanessa briefly riding Tony before he goes back to Lexi, fucking her doggy and spoons. Lexi climbs between Vanessa's legs to lick as Tony shags her smoothly-shaven cunt. Lying side by side he cums over their faces.

Tony appears in the last scene with Renee and Angelina (Majella). Tony chews on Angelina's erect nipples as Renee wraps her lips around his cock. With Tony on the floor, Angelina sits on his face, dropping forward to 69. Renee runs her tongue over his hairy balls. The two deep throat his dick then bend to be filled from behind, Renee sucks at Angelina's pink swollen lips and guides Tony's dick back into her moist hole. Renee rides Tony reverse, Angelina nibbling his nut sack as the pair bounce. Climbing aboard, Angelina works her self into a frenzy. She's about to cum when the scene abruptly changes. Tony is wanking himself off over the girls' faces.

What can you say? Normally Johnny's work is clean and crisp with the action flowing naturally, but When The Cock Strikes Two has been hacked up, shuffled and botched back together in the editing suite. As for the girls, Vanessa looked totally lost and it's hard to comment on Chelsea and Lolita. The editing even managed to make Majella and Renee look ordinary. Run a mile from this one..... better make that two miles.

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