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Released: 2004 (2006 for DVD)
Director: Bas Meradian credited as Ben Maradian on cover
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod
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Running time: 83 mins.

This is the second film featuring the Adult Channel's very own football team Screw Alexandria, with a further five episodes from their 2004 series released in an R18 version. The new film shares the opening titles with the Wet Dream Team and, as in the original, the cast list given is wildly inaccurate (the same goes for the cover sleeve). The story so far - Screw have failed to score and, strapped for cash, are lying at the bottom of the league. However hope is in sight when a new Russian backer Olga Lusty (Tamara Noon) is found.

The Russians are Comming
Tamara is interested in investing in the club, but first she wants to see what she will get for her money. Star striker Pornaldo (Ashley Long) is sent to impress her and is quickly invited into Tamara's private box. Stripped down to her bra and knickers, Ashley slips her hand up Tamara's black leather skirt and gently rubs her pussy. Tamara responds by chewing at Ashley's nipples before burying her face in her black panties, her tongue lapping at her clit. Removing her skirt, Tamara lies back on the table and Ashley works her way up the stocking clad legs. On reaching her pussy, she is handed a gold vibrator and asked to show what she can do. The juices are soon running out of Tamara's pussy and Ashley licks them off. The investment in Screw is secure.

Time Out
Promoted to the first team, Tina Small (Karen Wood) wants to follow in the footsteps of the star players. She starts by swilling down glasses of champagne at a party thrown by Vicky Valentine and Kat Varga. Kat passes out on the floor leaving Karen and Vicky to play. Bending over, Karen slaps her own bum, but she is still a little coy about going further. Vicky shows how it should be done, peeling down her black dress and dropping her knickers. Karen fills her mouth full of fanny as the two spread out on the sofa. Vicky returns the compliment as the girls move to 69. The two head to the bathroom for some soapy fun. Wedged against the taps, Karen takes a glass toy in her pussy making her body tremble with pleasure. Vicky turns to be licked and finger fucked, making her pussy drip.

Gym and Tonic
Convinced that the girls need to be fitter, manager Elen Cole starts them off on a rigorous training regime. The exercise leaves Kat in the treatment room. Tamara turns up to see how Kat is getting on and finds her body being massaged by Elen's tongue. Inspired by her technique, Tamara wants to try herself and lifts Kat's slashed white top to get at her tits. Shirts and shorts fall to the floor as the girls kiss and caress. Kat slips her fingers past Tamara's white lace knickers into her pussy, then bends to taste the results. Both climbing onto the couch the girls work vibrators into each other till they climax.

Sweet FA
Jo May has been sent down by the disciplinary authorities to see about the team's bad behaviour, Elen Cole decides to soften her up with a little nipple play. Undoing their bras, the two suck at each other's tits, then rub them together. Elen moves down to Jo's sparkling black panties. Her tongue dances over her clit and a small silver vibrator makes her wriggle and squirm as it darts in and out of her pussy. Elen sits on the bench, her legs spread so Jo can munch on her minge, She turns to take a glass dildo from behind which Jo holds in her mouth. A good pussy pounding and the punishment is over.

Screw Up
Having won the final game of the season, Screw are safe, Tamara wants to show her appreciation of Vicky's hard work in goal with a little girl on girl action. She rives off her strip and yanks down her pink panties to get to her pussy. Undressed, Vicky stands against the tiled wall as her pussy is fingered and sucked. The girls turn on the shower and water runs over their bodies as they paw at each other. Splashed and sitting on the floor, Tamara gets her bum licked. Next door Elen is thanking referee Lucy Law by spanking her bum while in the changing room the rest of the team are indulging in some group fun.

As with the original, Wet Dream Team 2 has missed the goal by miles. A huge cast with some of the best of British talent and a very poor result. The film contains a lot of waffle, presumably to pad the length out, and though the girls change the scenes are repetitive. The editing also has to be brought into question. Why show 30 seconds of Lucy Law in the last scene - it's 'now't nor someit'? Blink and you'd also miss Nadia and Laura Jones. Surely five girls together deserve more than a minute!! Wet Dream Team 2 is a film which, like Screw Alexandria, fails to score.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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