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Released: 2008
Director: Dick Bush
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Frauen-tausch Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 113 mins.

Relish set their sights on the Reality TV format as director Dick Bush does his own take on Wife Swap. Tony James, with his wife Foxy and their siblings Jools Brook and Kieran Lee, are an eco-friendly family who, when it comes to sex, believe anything goes. Provided it doesn't harm the planet... Tia lives with Jay Scarman and their frustrated daughter Paige in a luxury penthouse flat. Too busy keeping up with the Jones's, for them sex is a thing of the past.

On the first day of the swap, Tia, in a plunging fronted jacket, meets tree hugging Tony. Good news. It's Wednesday and that's nude sex day in Tony's household. Tia takes some persuading to join in as Tony lifts her boobs from her jacket. But she decides to give it a try as her belt is unfastened. Wrapping her scarf around Tia's breasts, Tony caresses them. Then he eases down her skirt and slips a finger into her pussy. Tia relaxes back on the sofa with Tony lapping between her legs. Tia wants more. Fortunately, Tony has been growing something organic in his jeans. Taking it out to examine it, Tia pops the shaft into her mouth. Sinking to her knees, she dribbles and sucks on the length. Tony sits on the sofa and gently lowers Tia onto his cheb. Playing with her long blonde hair, she rides up and down. Dropping forward, Tia is filled doggy-style before twisting round to get a face full of cream.

Missing his mummy, Kieran makes his way across town to find her. Locating her penthouse, he climbs in via the window and enters the wrong room. A cock craving Paige awaits. Thinking her dreams have come true, Paige has Kieran's dick in her mouth before he realises what's going on. Stripped, Paige flops back, allowing Kieran to lick at her shaven snatch. She shouts as his tongue flicks over her clit. Turning Kieran over, Paige lowers herself on his prick. He spanks her arse as she bounces. Paige moves round to ride reverse, then falls forward into a cushion, muffling her moans as she's screwed. Ready to cum, Paige sits up to take Kieran's cum in her mouth.

After a hard day at work, Jay comes home to find his normally spotless apartment strewn with clothes. Foxy is lying on the bed in red lingerie, watching telly after having emptied the wine cellar. In an attempt to defuse the situation, Foxy unzips Jay's pants and fills her mouth with his prick. Jay's anger subsides as his balls are massaged and Foxy's head bobs its way along his dick. Falling back onto the bed, Foxy pulls her red knickers aside so she can be fingered. Slowly, she peels down her panties ready to be fucked. Foxy's face lights up as Jay jabs into her pussy. His hammering joggles her boobs out of her bra. Wanting to be taken deeper, Foxy stands on the bed to be fucked from behind. Dribbling on Jay's dick, Foxy gives him a tit wank. Then, half off the bed, she's shagged doggy. There's a slight slip in continuity as Foxy regains her bra while Jay jerks his jizz over her face.

Jools is making a video diary of the family's experiences during Wife Swap, when Jay returns home. Wanting to spice up her tape, Jools asks Jay to film her sucking his cock. Sitting on the table in her mint-green top and skirt, Jools swallows Jay's manhood. He bends over to lap at her smoothly shaven snatch. Yanking on Jay's cock, Jools lets him nibble her nipples. Lying open-legged on the table, she wants to be fucked. Jay bangs away at her pussy, then places Jools on his cock, cowgirl. The two writhe and roll on the table, moving from doggy to missionary. Jay pulls out in time to spray Jools' stomach with his spunk.

After having been with Tony for a week, Tia gets a chance to change the family roles. Out goes green issues and caring for the environment. In fact, almost everything Tony cherishes. But Tia is keeping one thing - nude sex Wednesday! And she's going to start with Jools. Unfastening her black blouse, Tia invites Jools to tongue her tits. Spreading her legs, she suggests that Jools learns to lick pussy. Pouring oil over herself, Tia gets Jools to finger her. Her panties down, Jools also wants her pussy played with. Tia moves to sit on her face. The lesson becomes more intense as the girls pleasure each other. Another liberal application of oil and a toy is guided into Tia's glistening snatch. It whirr's away as Jools presses it against Tia's clit. A second clear plastic rabbit appears and Jools crams it onto her pussy. The two prod and probe away at each other till they climax. A great way to start the new regime.

To produce a good spoof, the style and tone of the programme being parodied has to be right. With Wife Swap, Dick and the team at Relish have it just about spot-on. The sets, the camera work, and even the voice-overs, accurately mimic the original. Only the sizzling hot content is different. Performances from all concerned are great and Tony James adds that little comic element to the proceedings. Wife Swap is one of the best 'take-offs' for a long time and well worth getting.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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