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Released: 2009
Director: Blacky Mendez
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 107 mins.

Located in the fashionable part of Kensington, Walton Street is an exclusive address and home to many chic hotels. Young Sophie is drawn to the area and soon finds out what goes on behind the closed doors.

Meeting with her boyfriend Clark in a hotel bedroom, Sophie slips out of her pink top and black bra. Kissing, the two fall back onto the bed where Clark peels down Sophie's skin tight jeans. Grabbing Clark's cock, Sophie starts to wank him, her tongue darting over the tip. She pops it between her lips and sucks. Black knickers off, Clark strokes at Sophie's snatch. She swings herself over his body and the pair 69. Positioning her pussy over Clark's prick, Sophie slowly sinks down. The two twist round and she ends on all fours. A final missionary session and Clark shoots his spunk over Sophie's stomach and tits.

Satine arrives at a hotel bedroom to offer her services, but it's not what she expects. Lana asks if she's up to some girl-on-girl action. Stripping Satine out of her top and trousers, Lana laps at her nipples. Belt undone, Lana's black skirt falls to the floor. She stands in her black basque with her boobs peeping out of the top. Kissing, the girls press their bodies together. Panties discarded, Satine sits with her legs spread and Lana tonguing away. The girls move to a rug and lap at each other's pussies. Satine probes and tastes Lana's hairy muff, then moves on to her arse. A glass of wine awaits the pair.

Dimitri comes out of the bathroom as Syren arrives at the door with his breakfast. Checking that all is okay, Dimitri complains about his mini bar. On her hands and knees, Syren inspects and finds the fault. Dimitri slaps her upturned arse. Dropping his towel, there's something else Dimitri wants Syren to look at. She pops it into her mouth and sucks. Climbing onto the bed, Syren's head bobs on the shaft. She's starting to feel warm and strips to her peep toe stilettos. Their bodies dappled with sunlight from the window, Syren mounts Dimitri's dick and rides. Rolling over, Syren wraps her legs around Dimitri's back as they bonk. She moves onto all fours and drops to her stomach as she's fucked from behind. Dimitri fires his load over her back.

Bree is at work when she gets a call to meet Clark and Sophie. When she arrives, Sophie gets a mysterious urgent call and has to go. Bree and Clark head off to his flat. Sitting on the sofa, he expresses his concern about Sophie's strange behaviour. Bree sets his mind on other things as his hand works its way up her stocking clad legs. Undoing her blouse, she rubs the front of his pants as he plays with her pierced nipples. Slipping out of her black skirt, Bree bends to bite at his shaft. The bed looks inviting and they climb on to it. Bree's boobs gently sway as she licks and swallows Clark's cheb. The pair watch themselves in a full length mirror as she mounts his manhood. Alternating between spoons and missionary, Clark hammers his length into Bree then empties his balls over her stomach.

Her brolly up, Sophie dashes through the rain to Dimitri's hotel. Snuggling up on the sofa, they kiss. Alexandra bounds in and starts to caress Sophie. This is Dimitri's wife and she's up for a threesome. He gets his dick out and the girls start to suck. Their tongues work their way up and down the shaft. Removing her dress, Alexandra sits in her blue lingerie. Stripping to her pink bra and panties, Sophie joins her on the couch. Dimitri licks and kisses the girls' legs and ends up at their knickers. Sophie falls back, letting Dimitri squeeze his cock past her panties into her pussy. Alexandra turns to be taken from behind. The three swap, Sophie sitting side saddle on the shaft and Alexandra forcing her fanny into Dimitri's face. The girls lie on top of each other. Dimitri yo-yos back and forth before finally jerking his jizz into Alexandra's mouth.

While the story line is a little weak, there is nothing wrong with the action in this Film Erotica production. As in their other films, much use is made of the 'new' girls in Walton Street and all perform admirably. Top marks to the team for finding such a host of new talent. The only minor moan I have is with the lighting. In an attempt to look natural some sections of the film are a smidgen on the dark side. That aside, Walton Street is a decent hour and three-quarters viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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