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Released: 2009
Director: Katie Coxxx
Notes: Easy On The Eye
Alternate Titles
  • Apocalypse Angels
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 86 mins.

Directed and shot in 2005 by Katie Coxxx - winner of Easy on the Eye's Women Love Porn competition - this plot-based film, about Leah Jaye and Sabrina Lavelle (as Janey) trying to save a building from a group of desperadoes with a bomb, was eventually released on DVD in 2009. The scantily clad girls do plenty of running round in what looks like a derelict warehouse, while putting paid to the bad guys.

In some darkened corridors, Leah is separated from Sabrina and captured by gang member Demetri. Taking Leah to his lair, he chains her up and frisks her for concealed weapons. Leah is turned on as he rubs at her boobs and pulls at her panties. Opening her legs, she invites Demetri to take a lick. He gets his dick out and Leah sucks. The chains come off so that the pair can fuck. Eventually, Demetri shoots his spunk over Leah's back. Whereupon she turns the tables on him, wrapping him in chains and tying him up.

Deeper into the building, Sabrina finds Steve Hooper guarding a plane. She lures him off to a quiet corner. Her hand massages his crotch. Boobs out, Sabrina tugs at Steve's shaft and slips it into her mouth. Dropping her tight shorts, she bends over to take the wet length from behind. A little riding, then Sabrina lies back, legs pulled wide. Steve bangs in missionary. A shower of spunk over her boobs and another baddy is out of business.

The girls meet up and continue their search for more felons. They're surprised by Poppy who offers to help. But first they must slip into something more suitable for the operation they are about to undertake. Poppy gives her cohorts some suitably sexy lingerie and stockings. Wandering into a room full of cages, the three are stopped by Dougie. To distract him from his duties they climb into the cages and start to dance. Poppy beckons Dougie over while the others make their escape. Pressed up against the bars, Poppy grabs at Dougie's prick, her panties pulled tight into her crack. Dougie's tongue dances over Poppy's hairy muff. She feeds his length down her throat. The pair bang away at the door of the cage. Impaled on his dick, Dougie carries Poppy across the room. The two continue shagging spoons and cowboy until Dougie fires his cum over Poppy's boobs.

Leah and Sabrina overhear some voices. Charmaine is about to celebrate her birthday with Sahara. They peer through a cracked window as the booted and bestockinged girls kiss and peel off each other's bras and knickers. Sahara sucks Charmaine's boobs and her fingers work their way into her fanny. She buries her face between Charmaine's legs. Leah and Sabrina creep off while Charmaine occupies herself with Sahara's snatch. Charmaine's birthday treat is a blue vibrator which Sahara uses on her with relish. A second pearl encrusted toy appears for Sahara's pussy as the pair 69.

A bomb is found with Marius and Stefan Hard guarding it. Leah and Sabrina will have to use all their guile to get to it. A game of strip poker and spin the bottle does the trick, with the pair craftily losing their attire. With the device safely defused, the duo indulge in a little pussy licking. The boys join in. Showing her adeptness, Sabrina rolls a condom over Marius's cock with her lips and starts to suck. Leah drops to all fours to be fucked doggy by Stefan. Both girls mount their guys to ride them, but the scene ends without the customary cum shots.

Katie Coxxx's style of directing is completely different from Anna Span's. The naturalistic build up you would normally expect is instead replaced by a feeble plot taking you quickly into the sex. The dialogue and delivery are certainly not the strong point of the film, but fortunately the action, especially from Poppy and Sahara, more than makes up for these weaknesses.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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