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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films, widescreen
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Running time: 168 mins.

In one of their most ambitious films to date, Bluebird have headed down to Toon Town and mixed live action with animation for Who Stole Roger Rabbit.

Toon Town's leading singer Antonia Deona (as Stacey Saran) waits in the dressing room with only her favourite toy to keep her company. Relaxing in shiny red dress, long red gloves and stockings, she kisses and caresses him before he buzzes away between her legs. Antonia's animated furniture and fittings watch as she plunges the plastic rabbit deep into her pussy... She is ready to go on stage. The crowd in the club goes wild for her singing, but her high is soon pricked when she returns to her green room. The cabinet where Roger Rabbit lives is empty. Antonia may never orgasm again!

Calling the police, Detective Bogart accompanied by Mini Mouse (Jasmine Black) arrive. They'll turn the town upside down looking for the toy, starting with the cowboy who runs the club where Antonia sings. Wearing a stetson and leather chaps with a six shooter slung from his waist, Tony James wanders out. The girls start a strip search but get no further than his cock. The two suck. Lifting her skirt, Antonia sits on the detective's dick. Jasmine pushes Tony's prick past her panties into her pussy. Standing, the two girls get shagged from behind, then try a little cock riding. With Antonia lying on her side to be taken spoons, Jasmine drops on all fours for some doggy action. The boys shoot their loads over the girls' faces.

Inspector George Uhl and his side kick Cindy Behr find Kit and Kat Lee rummaging in some bins. Cat guy is close by. The three of them refuse to answer any questions, causing George and Cindy to resort to some unconventional interview techniques. Stripping, Cindy sucks on Cat Guy's cock, while George dangles his dick in Kit and Kat's face. He rubs the twins' pussies as they lick his length, but still no answers. Lowering herself onto Cat Guy's shaft, Cindy flops onto her side. Bent over some scaffolding, Kit and Kat get taken from behind by George, which leaves them dripping. In the hope that 69ing him will extract some information, Cindy sits on Cat Guy's face and wraps her lips around his rod. Things aren't working though and a change of plan is required. Cindy finds herself being fucked doggy by George. He cums over her tits. Kit and Kat content themselves banging Cat Guy. George makes one last effort and shoots in Cindy's mouth again.

Keeping her ear to the ground, Antonia hears that Toon Town boss Renee Richards may know about her toy and goes to see her. Renee claims to know nothing and sets her two gorillas onto Antonia. Pinning her down, the pair paw and lap at her pussy. Antonia manages to grab hold of the hairy guy's cock. With pricks sticking through furry outfits, the scene turns surreal as Antonia appears to have sex with a brown sheepskin, while Renee sucks at a shag pile carpet. Both girls bend over the desk to be taken from behind. The pair sink to the floor to ride the woolly rugs. Costumes off, the boys fill the girls missionary, then jerk their jizz over Antonia and Renee's bodies and boobs.

Ben Dover has been given a new chat show on Toon Town TV and is just about to introduce his first guest, John, when Antonia bursts onto the set looking for help. Ben is just the boy to give it. Unzipping her red evening dress, Ben gets Antonia onto his sofa and makes a grab for her tits. Undoing his pants, he lifts out his dick and starts to lick her. With his face buried in Antonia's fanny, the two squirm round and 69. Slipping down Ben's spit-covered pecker, Antonia mounts him reverse. She grinds and gyrates against his balls. Climbing off, she caresses his balls as she deep throats him. Ben shoots his cream over her tongue. He hasn't seen Roger.

Police woman Tia is hunting high and low for Roger when she finds Romana, fondling Felix the cat. Calling for back-up, the two make chase. Once caught, Tia and Romana decide to check out Felix's and PC Plod's respective staffs. Pulling down her black lace knickers, Romana eases Plod's prick into her pussy. Tia slips Felix past her panties and she rides. With Romana on all fours being fucked, Tia turns onto her side for some spoons. The guys and girls swap. Hooking her leg round a pole, Tia exhibits her dancing prowess and then is taken from behind. Romana looks ungainly as she tries to do the same. Flat out on the floor, both girls get their pussies filled missionary. The boys pull out to give them a facial.

Depressed, Antonia visits the doctor's. How can she live without Roger? To snap her out of her misery, nurse Paige gives her a bonk on the head with a mallet. Instead of stars though, Antonia sees Daffy Duck with a huge dick. The girls push him back on a chair and work their tongues up either side of his cheb, meeting at the head. The pair take turns stuffing his shaft into their mouths. Unzipping her uniform, nurse Paige plays with her boobs. Antonia lets her red dress fall to the floor and resumes sucking. Tilting Daffy's chair back, first Antonia then Paige try riding his cock. He pecks at their boobs as they bounce. Nurse Paige moves into the chair. Lying back, she finds this duck can fuck. With a quack and a tweet, he shoots his load over nurse Paige's stomach.

Calling at the Addams family home, Antonia hopes Lily Love's mystical powers will locate Roger. She utters something in Hungarian which no one understands. With daughter Anamaria stroking a skull, Uncle Festa has an idea. Hypnosis! He soon has the girls swooning, then craving cock. Antonia lifts Festa's habit and wraps her lips round his dick. Anamaria calls for the butler Lurch to lick her arse. Kneeling on the table, Lily and Antonia are entered from behind. Anamaria joins as they bump and grind. Lily turns to lap at pussy as she rides Festa. Anamaria tackles Lurch. The three tug at cocks till they cum over their faces.

Unable to sing, Antonia's place on stage is taken by Tony 'Elvis' James. Finishing his song, he tells Antonia to check the Champagne bucket. In the bottom is Roger. The audience erupt and dancers Emma Butt and Rio Mariah start sucking dick to celebrate. With Roger back, the crowd indulge in a mass orgy. Natalie de Angelo gets fucked by Tony, her nipples erect. Ebony Goddess lies back to be shagged. Emma and Rio are sucked and fucked in the pussy and the arse as cum is showered on the girls. Eventually Roger returns to his rightful place, between Antonia's legs.

A little weird but a lot of fun, Who Stole Roger Rabbit is stuffed full of action. After the excellent opening scene with Antonia's dancing furniture, the animation, unfortunately, stops. The sets in some of the following scenes are a bit wanting, but this is more than made up for by the enthusiasm and vigour of the performances. Top marks to Antonia and top marks to Bluebird for this most unusual film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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