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Released: 2009
Director: Paula Porn, Roxi Stone, Carmen Mariss, Miss Whiplash, Katie Coxxx
Notes: Easy On The Eye
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Running time: 96 mins.

In 2006, Anna Span handed over the reins of Easy on the Eye to five aspiring female directors in a competition to see who could produce the best scene, with the winner getting the opportunity to make a full-length film. The results of the girls' endeavours have been compiled on DVD under the title Woman Love Porn.

Dirty on the Dance Floor by Roxi Stone
Emma turns up at the studio for her dance lesson with Steve Hooper. As she stretches and warms up on the bar, she starts to dream. With the temperature in the studio rising, Steve removes his shirt. Emma's leg brushes against his torso. Steve holds her tightly as the two kiss. Emma slowly slips down his body and rubs the bulge in his pants. Prick out, Emma takes it between her lips and sucks. Moving across the room, her purple skirt and white lace knickers fall to the floor. Steve beckons her. Placing Emma's outstretched leg on the practice bar, Steve fills her from behind. The couple glide over the room to a couch. A face appears at the door and watches Emma being fucked missionary. Lying side-by-side, Steve slips his shaft into Emma's pussy, pulling out to spray her boobs with spunk. She quickly gets dressed.

Top MILF by Paula Porn
Calling round at Johnny's house, Stefan Hard is hoping to watch some football on TV. Inviting him in for a cuppa, Johnny's mother, DJ, explains that he's out on an errand. Stefan appears a little uneasy as DJ joins him on the sofa wearing a black silk gown. Her breasts brush against his thighs as she leans over to get the TV remote. Dropping to his knees, Stefan kisses DJ's painted toes, then slowly works his way up her legs. Her gown fall open as he approaches her knickers. With her boobs out of her bra, DJ lets Stefan suck on her nipples as she pulls his prick from his pants. Licking the tip, DJ traps the cock in her cleavage and wanks. She manoeuvres Stefan to sit on his length. Swapping places, Stefan buries his face in DJ's muff. His tonguing gets her so excited she squirts. Doggy and missionary follow. Johnny returns to find his mum being banged by his best mate. Stefan shoots his load over DJ's back.

Maid to Measure by Carmen Mariss
Sabrina is supposed to be sowing in her basement workshop, but her mind and hands have wandered to other matters. She stops caressing her stocking tops when Agnieszka descends the stairs for a fitting. Ushering her client into the changing room with several outfits, Sabrina surreptitiously watches Agnieszka undress on the CCTV system. After trying on the first two outfits, she emerges in a sparkling jade-green dress. Sabrina suggests a few alterations and snips away with her scissors. Before long Agnieszka is left wearing nothing more than rags, with Sabrina stroking her naked flesh. Pulling a rabbit from her handbag, Sabrina squeezes it past Agnieszka's panties and into her pussy. Stripping Agnieszka down to her red stockings, Sabrina licks and laps at her body. Buckling up a strap-on, Sabrina rolls Agnieszka onto all fours and fucks her doggy. She then lies back to let her client ride her black plastic prick to orgasm. The girls kiss and arrange another fitting.

Head of the Class by Miss Whiplash
Rich is about to be thrown out of school by Avalon, but pleads with her for one last chance so he can sit his exams. Leaning over the desk, Avalon may let him stay if he can satisfy her. She orders Rich to strip. Lying back in her chair, Avalon lifts her short black skirt and flashes her blue knickers. Her hand enters her panties and she plays with her pussy. Grabbing hold of Rich's cock, she wraps her lips around the head. The buttons on her blouse are slowly undone as she sucks. Bra off, Avalon balances on the edge of the desk to let her pupil lick her boobs and pussy. She turns to be taken from behind. The two sink to the floor to shag spoons. With sweat dripping from Rich's body, the pair climb onto the desk. Rich hammers away between Avalon's legs before showering her stomach with jizz. She wipes it up with a finger and runs it round her lips.

Jezebel by Katie Coxxx
Working in a club, Maxine arranges a private dance for a client. As she slowly gyrates he moves too close for comfort and is ejected by a bouncer. Steve is next to enter Maxine's enclave. He watches as she slips the straps to her black evening dress off her shoulders. Pushing her bum into Steve's face, the dress slowly slides down her body. She's left standing in seamed stockings and heels. Maxine climbs onto Steve's lap and presses herself against his body. Flopping back, she encourages him to fondle her boobs and finger her fanny. She laps at the bulge in Steve's pants, then pops his prick into her mouth. Her nylons start to ladder as she drops onto all fours to be fucked doggy. Turning onto her back, Steve takes her missionary. Next he tongues her neatly trimmed snatch. Spoons progresses to cowgirl as Maxine twists around on Steve's dick. Ready to cum, he floods Maxine's navel with cum. Jezebel is Anna's winner.

It's hardly surprising that the five scenes in Woman Love Porn are very much in the house style of Anna Span and her Easy on the Eye production crew. Like Anna, the five new directors take time to build up the scenarios within each scene, allowing the sex to flow naturally from the story line. For those who are looking for banging and humping from frame one, this is not the film for you. But if you want something hot and relaxing to watch by yourself, as a couple or in a group, Woman Love Porn is recommended viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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