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Released: 2005 (2010 for DVD)
Director: Jelena Lakic
Notes: Easy On The Eye
Alternate Titles
  • Morning Glory
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 95 mins.

In 2005, director Jelena Lakic shot her view of how a Morning TV show should look. After 5 years it has been released on DVD, but was it worth the wait to see what happens on the Easy on the Eye sofa?

The XXX Factor
First to join Lee on the sofa is Suzie, who's there to plug a spin off CD from her appearance on a reality TV series. As she chats to Lee she tells him the CD is not the only thing she's been up to. Suzie's also made a calendar. Stripping, Suzie shows off her poses. Lee attempts to cover her modesty with the CD cover. Giving up, he kisses her boobs. Shirt off, Lee stoops to suck at Suzie's neatly trimmed snatch. She wraps her legs round his neck as he licks. Grabbing his dick, Suzie slips it between her lips. It fills her mouth. Nice and wet, she slides down Lee's shaft, reverse. The two fall onto their sides for some spoons. Dropping off the sofa, Suzie is pile driven to orgasm. Lee shoots his load over her feet.

What is the Problem
TV Doctor Steve Hooper is on set to answer people's sex problems. The first call comes from studio director Emma-Louise. In all the years she's had sex she has failed to orgasm. Dr Steve offers some advice. During a break, Emma-Louise admits to Steve that it was her on the phone. He offers to help. Peeling down her tight jeans, he sits her on the sofa, then, picking up some lube and a vibrator from the props, he teaches her how to masturbate. Seeing the toy enter Emma-Louise's hairy muff, Steve thinks she's ready for the next phase and starts to tongue her. Dropping his pants, he pushes his prick into Emma-Louise's pussy. She pulls at her boobs as she's fucked. A little side-by-side spoons is followed by some cowgirl. But for Emma-Louise to feel the full force of the Doctor's dick it has to be pile driving. Steve shoots his load over Emma-Louise's stomach. Her orgasm problem is solved.

Meat & 2 Veg
Chef Jeff is out and about with a camera crew trying to solve kitchen calamities. Today he's calling at Agnis's house. In the sunlight and shadows of the kitchen, Jeff rummages through Agnis's fridge and eventually finds some chicken to cook. He pops it in the oven, leaving the pair with 20 minutes to kill. They open a bottle of wine and it's enough to get things going. Stripping down to her emerald green lingerie, Agnis may not be much of a cook but is an expert on cock and quickly samples Jeff's cheb. Lifted onto the kitchen bench, Jeff nibbles at Agnis's pierced nipples, then moves between her legs. Agnis's pussy does taste nice. Down on all fours, Agnis gets banged from behind. Taking control, she turns Jeff over and mounts his rod. The two fall on to their sides and continue shagging. Jeff jerks his load over Agnis's stomach. Then the editing appears to go a little awry with some spurious clips of the two banging.

Moaning Glory
Back on the sofa, Sabrina (as Janie) argues with Lee about his Suzie Best interview. He brings up her time on set with a boy band. The pair decide honours are even and make up with a kiss. As there's no one in the studio and it's some time before they are on air, the couple have time for a quickie. Stripped to her stockings, Sabrina unfastens Lee's zip and sinks his shaft into her mouth. She gurgles as it hits her tonsils. Holding Lee's wet length, Sabrina guides it into her snatch and slams down hard. Kneeling on the sofa, Sabrina's fucked from behind. The two fall to the floor for some more cock riding. She tugs at Lee's cock and he cums over her stomach and boobs. Sabrina wipes up the cream and licks her fingers.

What's In and Out This Season
Fashion experts Caroline and Louise Parker (as Antonia and Sarah May) look at what's hot in summer swimwear. Looking at bikinis on hangers is okay, but it gives no idea of how they really look. Selecting their favourites, the girls slip them on. Noticing how fine each other's boobs and bodies look in the skimpy bikinis, the pair start to play. Tugging at each other's strings, their tops and panties soon fall away. They move over to the sofa to tease tits. Kicking away part of the set, the pair 69. Tongues and fingers flick away. Louise opens her beach bag to get out the 'must have' accessory - a big glass dildo. She tries it out on Caroline. Next is a vibe, which Caroline uses on her co-presenter. Both girls climax. Just what's needed for the holidays.

Whilst the film does have its moments, the dialogue is laboured, with only Steve Hooper and Emma-Louise managing to produce a convincing ‘TV' feel to their scene. The same goes for the sets; a sofa in someone's living room doesn't look like a Morning TV studio. And when Jeleka does get it right in Agnis's kitchen, the scene is let down by poor lighting and bad editing. The overall impression of Morning Glory is awkward and amateurish and not what you would expect from Easy on the Eye. Worth the 5 year wait? Alas, no.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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