< XXX British Hardcore Vol. 1 R18

Notes and Reviews

Two episodes from the Adult Channel series Panties with hard core out-takes put back in.

  • Georgette Neale is the assistant in a furniture shop. In a quiet period she locks the door (so she thinks) and goes into the basement to lie on the bed and masturbate. Carissa Brown enters the shop as the door has not been locked, finds no one there and begins to go down the stairs to the basement and sees Georgette on the bed. She watches and masturbates herself. Georgette notices, asks if she can help and Carissa says she was thinking of buying a bed. Georgette gets her to test it with a lesbian scene during which they both sit on a bedknob.
  • Michelle Thorne has problems with her push bike and is helped by Pete who gets a good view up her short skirt to her white panties. She invites him back to her flat and seduces him. As with Volume 2 there are clear views of oral and vaginal penetration, but no visible cumshot. Again he is asked to cum over the panties.

These are probably early episodes using only one camera and are thus not really filmed with the R18 release as a priority. Indeed they were probably filmed before the R18 rules were relaxed.

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