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Released: 2006
Director: Donna Marie
Notes: MAI Productions / Wrist Action Rob Stone / American Xcess
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Review copy courtesy stm Distribution

Rob Stone continues to push the boundaries of British Porn, this time employing the talents of Donna Marie to direct this very dirty film (in every sense of the word).

Leah Jaye lies on a hospital trolly wearing very little, just bits of fabric strapped to her body. Tony James, in a white coat and protective eyeware, first tries a diildo in her mouth then a speculum in her pussy. As Leah's vagina is spread, various liquids marked 'spit', 'piss' and 'cum' are syringed into her, while she takes a hard pull on Tony's cock. Tony then undresses and fucks Leah in missionary and doggystyle on the trolley. Before the anal sex commences we are treated to a little colonic irrgation.

While the first scene is all high key bright lights, the second is filmed by candlelight - hundreds of them forming a circle around the action between Lara & Jazz. Jazz quickly removes Lara's bikini and as she appears to be suspended in chains he fucks her up the arse in reverse cowgirl. The couple take a break from the relentless anal for Jazz to douch Lara's arse with milk, then it's back to the arse fucking which concludes in missionary with Jazz shooting into Lara's arse as she holds it wide for him.

Michelle B is planting flowers, albeit in a studio. She wears shorts and a cropped shirt which struggles to cover her tits and, of course, gardening gloves. Michelle's sculpture is Neil Wasmund and his rampant cock over a small pool - but it's blocked so she takes the cock in her mouth. Michelle's oral skills brings her statue to life and, flung to the ground, she is mounted up the arse doggystyle. Moving to the pond, Neil sits in the water while Michelle bounces her arse on his cock, making the scene a shoe-in for this year's 'best use of a water feature in porn' award. As the pair roll around in the potting compost both get more and more dirty, Michelle memorably sprinkling peat over her and Neil's body as she rides him cowgirl. Scene ends with Neil filling Michelle's mouth with cum and she swapping with a plastic gnome.

Lolly and Myah's scene is shot so low key that it's often hard to see what's going on. Suffice to say that both girls start in combat fatigues and abuse each other's bodies with fingers, liquids, dildos and the like. Interestingly the girls' combat trousers seem to be of the crotchless variety, allowing immediate access to their nether regions. Hot 'n' Dirty.

Finally, bicycle repairmen Pascal and Tony are fiddling wiith their bits (wheels, chains etc.) when Charlie breathlessly announces she's leaking. Removing her coat to reveal just a skimpy gold bikini and black thighboots, the boys pull her pants aside to examine the leak. After trying several items, a couple of screwdrivers in her pussy and bum seem to do the trick. But Charlie wants the source of her problem found and for this she needs the guy's meaty probes. Pascal fucks her doggystyle then Tony slips underneath for a DP. All this does is release more oily fluid which squirts from Charley's arse. An athletic standing DP has little effect and soon everyone is smothered in the black liquid while pushing tools of every variety into the poor girl. Our desparate mechanics try a double vaginal as Charley screams the place down and the black goo flows. Eventually the guys shoot over Charley's face, but as she stands fluid pours from her pussy. "Fooking hell who's next?" she says.

Leah Jaye seems to get sexier with each film, as her shapely toned body gets fucked while gazing into the camera with those huge brown eyes. Fortunately for me the action in this first scene, which includes the use of a vaginal speculum and injection of various fluids into Leah, was not repeated. These clinical activities seem to give no pleasure to the woman and border on the misogynistic. Lara, on the other hand, seems only too happy to hold her bum wide for Jazz to penetrate, and Michelle says she loves gardening but appears to love fucking Neil even more in a scene that's as good as anything I've seen. Except, perhaps her debut with Chris News in a Peepshow Special, but that probably says more about my preference for natural boobs. Finally the extraordinary scene with the literally filthy Charlie taking on Tony and Pascal. Judging by the bonus footage, Tony is as enthusiatic as a puppy dog for the scene, while Pascal shakes his head as he considers having to remember to insert a spanner, hammer and bicycle wheel into Charlie and fuck at the same time. "This is educational porn" exclaims Tony. Precisely.

The imaginative sets all seem to be created in Rob's flat and the editing, lighting and camerawork are all top rate. This is a good film with plenty of erotic moments, but I think it reaches my personal edge.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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