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Released: 2006
Director: Denys de Francesco
Notes: Swank
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 111 mins.

Shot in Budapest, the film has 8 short boy/girl/girl scenes, the link between them toys and dildos. Most of the cast appearing alongside Elle Brook are either Hungarian or Czech and include Jane Darling and Gina B in their number.

On a purple silk sheet, Elle and Rosses lie in their black lingerie, kissing and caressing each other. A guy sits by the side of the bed, a vibrator in hand. The girls lean over to lick the toy. Elle nibbles at Rosses' nipples as the vibe is slipped into her arse. Dropping his pants, the guy joins the two on the bed. His cock enters Elle's bum. Rosses laps at the two as they fuck. Then it's her turn to take dick in the bum. Elle uses the vibrator on herself as the couple shag beside her. Rolling onto all fours, Elle gets banged up the bum. The guy pulls out and creams over her arse hole. Rosses licks Elle clean.

Though the film is nicely done this is a case where less but longer scenes would have been more. With each lasting around 12 minutes, as soon as the action starts it finishes. Still the film does manage to cram 14 girls into its 111 minutes and if you add the interview and extras the total time is pushed to beyond the 2 hour mark. With Elle and Jane Darling in girl/girl action it's not a bad little movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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