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Notes and Reviews

Another video with deeply unpleasant scenarios where girls are supposed to enjoy being forced into sex after a token three seconds of resistance.

Scene 2 features Claire Kiernan (Scottie Andrews) who calls at a house looking for her dog and carrying a leash. She is greeted with hostility by the man who answers the door. He puts the leash on her and drags her further in to the house, makes her pee in the toilet - why is gratuitous peeing thought to be sexy? - then drags her into the sitting room, sits her on the couch, goes down on her, sticks three fingers up her backside, gets a blowjob, fucks her in various positions, two fingers in arse and cock in pussy DP, doggy anal, cock and dildo DP, weak cumshot. This last is in common with the rest of the scenes and the last part of the title is certainly not justified.

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