< Young Sluts, Inc. 2: Business Is Banging! R18 DVD available

Released: 2001
Director: Kat Slater
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Hustler's Young Sluts, Inc. 2: Business is Banging!
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 89 mins.

Majella Shepard narrates and appears in two scenes. The first of these is a b/g scene which begins with her wearing a mask and ball-gag and ends with the stud coming over her bum. This is followed by a four-way lesbian scene. She also appears frolicking in the surf in the DVD extras - behind the scenes section.

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

A young Majella and the crew, having left California, head to a black and chrome Miami Mansion which is filled with acres of red leather sofas, for this tale about bored rich housewives. Emphasising the Americans' lack of taste, the house is full of frilly knickered maids and butlers with bow-ties, cuffs and posing pouches, displaying their oiled bodies.

With only glimpses of Majella swimming naked in the pool and splashing round on the beach in the first part of the film, you start to think her's is only a cameo role. But she comes into her own for the last two scenes.

Lying with her legs dangling either side of a black and chrome couch, Majella is approached by Hershel Savage. Slipping a ball gag into her mouth to stop her moans, he caresses her naked body. Pulling back her legs, Majella lets him lick her pussy. Removing her gag, she sits on his face and falls forward to suck at his cock. Grasping her hips, Hershel lowers Majella onto his shaft. She slowly gyrates against his balls. Dropping onto her side, Hershel drags his dick across her pussy lips and drives in deep. Sweat drips from their bodies as the pair shag. Pulling out, Hershel fires his spunk over Majella's bum.

Inviting her girlfriends over for a meal, the conversation starts to flag. Majella livens things up by flicking cream at the girl opposite. Watching the white dollop dribble down her cleavage gets Majella horny. Rather than sweet, she'd prefer fanny. Stripping out of her red Chinese style dress, Majella embarks on some muff munching. The others follow her lead. With Beethoven playing as the soundtrack, the four penetrate their pussies with toys.

This is a strange film, with not enough of a story to be plot based and not enough sex to be a gonzo flick. Things aren't helped by the musical accompaniment. Normally, this plays away in the background almost unnoticed. Here it's a turgid funeral march. This is not one of Majella's better films and would only appeal to fans of bad taste.

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