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Released: 2001
Director: Kat Slater
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Hustler's Young Sluts, Inc. 4
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 88 mins.

Flicking a cigarette off the balcony, a red-haired Layla reflects... She moved to San Francisco seeking fame and fortune, but now she has to fuck and suck dick to scrape a living. Moving back into the bedroom, Layla prepares for her next client, Chris Cannon. She hopes he's the guy to change her life.

Leaping at Chris when he arrives, Layla hangs round his neck. The pair tumble back onto the bed. As Chris lifts her black top to lick at her boobs, Layla wriggles out of her panties. Taking hold of Chris's head, she plants his face in her pussy. The two slide to the floor. Layla grabs his cock and feeds it into her mouth. Covered in spit, Layla slips Chris into her pussy and slams down hard. Turning onto all fours, Chris makes slow meaningful thrusts between her legs. Layla climbs back onto the bed and lies back. Chris fills her arse with cock. Open-mouthed, Layla wants his load on her tongue. He is the man for her.

Layla thinks she can change Chris, even though she knows he sees her friends. In their silver bikinis, Flick and Domino dance for Chris. The girls slowly strip. He beckons them closer. Domino positions herself over his head and sinks down onto his face. Flick runs her tongue over his prick. Working her way down Chris's body, Domino reaches his dick. Flick guides the length into her pussy. The two swap places, Flick grinding against his balls as she rides his manhood. Pulling on a strap-on, Flick gets Domino to lick her plastic phallus. Chris rams hard into her pussy as she sucks. The pair crouch and tug at his cheb till showers of cum coat their faces.

Lying on the stairs in her yellow summer dress, Layla doesn't know what to do. She can no longer be with other guys and wants to be with Chris.

A masked Flick has no such hang-ups and sits bolt upright on a chair in TJ's den. He starts to ravish her body, pulling at her white blouse and thrusting his hand into her knickers. Pulling out his cock, Flick cradles his balls as his shaft slips down her throat. She stands. Her bum is inches away from TJ's face. He starts to lick. Bending over the chair, Flick is fucked from behind. Moving across the room, the two lean against the door for more vertical banging. TJ settles himself onto Flick's empty chair. Astride his cock, she slowly eases it into her bum. Feeling TJ's muscles tighten, Flick jumps up to catch his cream in her mouth.

In a black corset and stockings, Layla phones Chris. The sound of his voice makes her horny. Opening her legs, she runs a finger over her pussy lips and tugs at her tits. A pink rabbit sits by the phone. Layla moistens the tip and plunges it between her legs. The toy is joined by a long slim vibrator in her arse. Jamming the phone in her cleavage, Layla reaches for a thick black double-ended dildo. Smothering it in lube, she feeds half in her pussy and the rest in her bum. Working the black length back and forth, Layla quivers and moans her way to orgasm.

Turning up at Chris's apartment the next day, Layla's life is shattered when she finds him with his face buried in Sunshine's lap. She wants revenge.

Tied up and blindfolded, Chris hopes for a kinky session with Layla. She's arranged something different. Pulling his blindfold off, he's faced with Dominatrix Medusa and her fistful of toys.

I have to admit I was surprised Young Sluts, Inc. 4 was a plot-based film and not just a series of gonzo scenes as the title implies. Although not a sophisticated storyline, Layla plays her part well as the let down lover and receives good support from Flick Shagwell. Young Sluts, Inc. 4 is a nice little film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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