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Released: 2005
Director: Vicki Holloway and Ric Porter
Notes: Rude Britannia Royale / Portway
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 96 mins.

Vicki Holloway has been very busy, not only did she direct Young Summer Sluts, she is also the editor, photographer, writer of both the script and music and the narrator; and a very good job she had done on all. The film has four scenes all loosely based around summer.

Lynx (Lyn) and Pascal have returned home from a club on a hot summer's night and are raring for rampant randy fun. Sitting on the sofa Pascal eases Lyn's tits out of her white basque-type top and plays his tongue over her nipples as his fingers penetrate her white lace knickers. Licking between Lyn's legs gets the juices flowing as she bends to take mouthfuls of Pascal's prick. Leaning over the sofa, Lyn pulls her bum cheeks apart for Pascal to slip into her pussy for a good pounding. Lyn's boobs jiggle and dance in the night light as she rides Pascal first in the pussy then up her arse, her body writhing as she slides up and down the shaft. Covered in sweat Pascal is ready to cum. Open mouthed Lyn accepts his load.

Returning through a wood from tennis, both Karen and Lyn get turned on by the sight of the other's skimpy dress and the urge to indulge in lesbian sex overtakes them. Spreading a blanket, the pair soon have their tops off and are playing with each other's tits as they finger their fannies through tight cotton knickers. Karen pushes her fingers deep into Lyn's tight pussy, working away till her lips are dripping wet. Moving, Lyn buries her head between Karen's legs, her long tongue darting over her clit. Out of the girls' bags come a couple of toys. Karen screws a twisted dildo into Lyn's wet snatch, her lips rippling as the toy moves back and forth. As a plane circles overhead a clear knobbly toy is worked into Karen's cunt causing her to scream with pleasure. The moaning continues as the girls masturbate, halting as a car drives by the clearing.

Lee Henshaw is wielding his chopper in the woods when Karla totters around the corner in a pair of six-inch high white platforms - not the best footwear for a walk in the woods. She undoes the strap on her summer dress allowing it to fall clear of her tits. Lee needs no more of an invite and he licks on her boobs as his hand wanders down her knickers. Surrounded by timber, Karla wants to examine Lee's wood. It's stiff and long, just ready to suck. Balancing on a woodpile, Karla gets Lee to lap at her shaven mound and use his fingers in her juicy hole. Bending over in the shovel of a JCB, Karla is shagged from behind, her arse being fingered as she's fucked. Lying Lee on a tartan rug Karla rubs herself vigorously as the cock slides in and out of her pussy. The pair climb into the cramped cab for some anal action and it's then back to the rug to finish semi-spoon. Lee jets his spunk over Karla's smiling face.

It's near closing time on a sunny afternoon and Suzie and Sasha are the last two left in the pub. When the barman pops down the cellar this is the cue for some girl-on-girl action. Suzie soon has Sasha sucking on her erect nipples and running her tongue over her body. Sasha teases Suzie's pussy as the pair kiss and caress. Propping her self on a bar stool with her legs open Suzie has Sasha kneeling to eat her muff. Stripping down to their panties the girls swap places, Suzie using her tongue on Sasha's pussy and arse. Then she gets her to lie on the bar while she runs ice cubes over her shuddering body. A red toy is eased into Sasha's damp pussy. The girls then drop to the floor and Suzie takes a rampant rabbit on full power in her moist love box. Sasha stabs away at Susie till she has a quivering orgasm. The scene ends with the girls shaking as they toy each other.

Normally I don't comment much on the bonus material because frankly it's hardly worth it, but in this case the 23-minute solo scene by Suzie Best is something different. In a light blue slip and matching knickers, Suzie slowly fondles her breasts, pulling on her nipples till they are rock hard. Her hands move down to her unshaven pussy where she fingers and fondles her clit, her body pulsing and shaking as she probes herself. Picking a curved blue vibrator off the floor, Suzie sucks the tip before running it gently over her tits and down to her wet cunt. Holding the buzzing toy hard against her clit, she jerks and writhes, the vibe being driven deep into her pussy as Suzie fingers her arse. She thrusts her hips forward and with a sigh Suzie orgasms. She then licks the toy clean.

Vicki and Ric have done a good job with this film. Nicely staged and nicely paced, the scenes are hot and erotic with good performances from all. It's also nice to see some outdoor shots to watch on those cold winter nights. Suzie Best deserves a special mention for her solo 'Bonus' scene. She really put her heart and sole into it and the film is worth buying for this alone.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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