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Released: 2005
Director: Lisa Loves
Notes: Ruder Britannia, R18 version of part of the TVX series Cocktails
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 104 mins.

All the scenes in Young Fresh N Tender feature new girls Laura and Linda with a plot based around their bisexual adventures as barmaids.

During a quiet time the girls fantasise of lying naked on the bar with customers watching as they slowly play with themselves. Their dreams are interrupted when Violet Storm and Mark Slone arrive wanting a drink. Laura and Linda decide to put on a show for the pair and Violet and Mark join in the entertainment. With three girls and only one cock it's a good job they remembered the toys, Violet occupying herself with Mark's dick while Laura and Linda practice pushing plastic in their pussies and well-lubed arses. Once all three have had a turn in riding Mark's man meat he fires his load over Laura's tits.

Identically dressed in black tops and denim skirts, the girls settle down for a snogging session, however hands soon start to wander and tits are taken out for a sucking.

While indulging in labia licking Laura and Linda's fun is spoilt by a West Country dray man who turns up with a delivery. The girls see if he has anything else he can give them in the cock department and after a blow job they try cock in their cellars.

Jamelia has been stood up by her boyfriend, Laura and Linda tell her you never have that problem with girls and prove it to her. Jamelia is introduced to the art of lesbian love, learning to lick clit and finger fuck pussy. Having given it's now her turn to receive, getting her pierced nipples sucked before the pair move to her pussy. Toys appear, Jamelia impaling her self with a dildo attached to the table as Laura and Linda set to work with a strap-on. The girls' talk and demonstration have done the trick for Jamelia and she leaves without a thought of her boyfriend.

Linda leaves Laura alone in the bar with Mailon where she tells him she is in need of cock and he's just the man to provide it. Removing Laura's white top Mailon licks and chews her nipples before moving south to her knickers. Laura responds by taking Mailon's dick in the mouth then climbing on the bar for the two to 69. Balancing on a bar stool Laura slips the condom clad cock in her cunt, then stands with one leg on the bar to be taken from behind. Linda returns to find Laura's tits covered in Mailon's spunk.

The bar needs new staff and the girls have a unique way of interviewing James. First they judge how he reacts as they play with each other, then he has to join in. His first test is pussy licking which is followed by using vibrators on the girls. So far so good, but Laura and Linda still have to try his cock both for taste and use under pressure in the pussy. Laura volunteers to try the cock as Linda licks at her clit. Finally lying on top of each other James gets his final chance to impress by firing his load over their bums. Did he get the job? No. The girls will have to interview someone else.

Young Fresh N Tender could be at best described as adequate. Laura and Linda don't yet have the presence to carry the film through 5 scenes and 100 minutes. As for the cameo roles, new girl Jamelia's performance was passable but Violet Storm appeared to have lost that spark she normally has and was just going through the motions. On the production side Linda lost a nail during scene 2 which was put back on with masking tape, spoiling the close-up shots. The lighting and colour balance in scene 4 was also somewhat lacking. Still this is one of Lisa Love's first pictures and hopefully she can learn by her mistakes.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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