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Released: 2005
Director: Lisa Loves
Notes: Ruder Britannia
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Running time: 106 mins.

Club Manager Angel-Long and barmaid Alicia see the last of the drinkers off their premises and then get a bit involved with themselves. Soon stripped to their black leather mini skirts they are masturbating themselves on the bar stools when Angel finds a long-necked bottle to push into her pussy. More fingering and licking, before Alicia uses a black dildo in her pussy and arse.

Next evening, at closing time, bar boss Frazer Fox arrives with a cctv tape of the girls activities and insists on a private show. The girls come around the bar to suck Frazer's cock. Eventually both girls kneel on the bar with their pussies at face level for Frazer to lick. Frazer then fucks both girls standing doggy and on the bar stools and Angel takes his cock up her bum. Ends with facial for Alicia which she swaps with Angel. Frazer promises more blackmail, but Alicia reveals she has the tape of tonight's indiscretion to blackmail him.

Closing time again, but this time it's Police Sergeant Jazz who comes a-calling with complaints about unruly behaviour outside the club. The girls treat him to a demonstration of unruly behaviour behind the bar before Alicia invites him to frisk them, which leads to both girls getting another good fucking. Sex on the barstools and floor and ends with a joint facial.

It must be Alicia's night off because Angel is phoning for temporary staff. Lucy arrives for an audition and has to prove that she will fit in with the friendly staff by having sex with Angel. Once naked the girls demonstrate, in a very professional way, how to make a double-ended dildo disappear while sitting on bar stools.

After a successful night the bar is closing and Lucy's boyfriend Jefferson (a black guy I haven't seen before) arrives to take her home, but not before he fucks her and Angel. The girls give him a topless show followed by oral sex for everybody, then Lucy mounts Jefferson in athletic reverse cowgirl on the bar. Jefferson fucks Angel's arse on the floor and the scene ends with a facial for Angel which she swaps with Lucy.

Nicely shot film in a single interesting location. Highly professional sex from two of the most experienced girls in the business and watching Lucy in action is always a pleasure. Fans of these girls will not be disappointed.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

When Young Fresh n Tender 1 came out I was a bit disappointed. I therefore thought long and hard before buying volume 2 hoping I wasn't wasting my money. With Alicia, Angel and Lucy appearing my money wasn't squandered. Shot in the same bar as the original, Young Fresh n Tender 2 is a far, far better film.

Barmaids Alicia and Angel have got rid of their last customers and are tidying up at the end of the night. Someone bought the pair a bottle of champagne which they open. The girls find it nice but it tastes even better if it's licked off each other's nipples. Sinking to the floor, Alicia tongues and finger fucks Angel's pussy. The girls move round the bar and Angel balances on a stool to give a bottle of Irish Velvet a blow job before easing it into her pussy, Alicia lending a hand with the bottle. Bending over a stool, Alicia wants to join in. Angel licks her arse then thrusts a black-beaded toy deep up her bum. Her hips sway as the toy slips in and out. Turning onto her back, Angel continues to play with Alicia's bum till she cums.

The next day manager Frazer is on the war path. The girls left the place in a hell of a mess and he has the CCTV pictures which show what they were doing. In order to pacify the boss the girls start where they left off the previous night, fondling and feeling each other's bodies. Frazer joins in, dropping his pants, and the pair set to sucking his cock. Climbing onto the bar on all fours Frazer fingers and tongues the girls cunts, burying his face hard against their bum cheeks. He then slips his cock in Alicia as Angel watches and wanks. Angel stretches herself over two stools, pulling her lips wide open ready to be fucked. Frazer probes her pussy with his manhood then rams it deep into her arse. With Angel's bum occupied, Alicia moves to finger and lick her wet pussy. Frazer pulls out and fills her mouth with jizz. Alicia plays with it on her tongue then drips the frothy spunk onto Angel's lips and face.

A policeman turns up in the club to discuss noise problems, but Alicia and Angel have a novel way of renewing the licence. Kneeling, Angel licks and laps at Alicia's pussy, the pair then take turns giving the bobby a blow job, taking his knob deep onto their tonsils. Pulling on her lips, the copper slips his man truncheon into Alicia's pussy while Angel fingers herself through her white lace knickers. Angel is fucked missionary on the floor. She then bends over a bar stool to be taken from behind. The girls crouch down while the copper jerks himself off over their faces. They lick the cum off each other's cheeks.

In a shiny black dress, Lucy has turned up as temporary staff. Angel soon introduces her to the ways of the bar, French kissing her as she caresses her body. She loosens the halter on Lucy's dress and the top drops free of her boobs. Angel licks and runs an ice cube over her nipples. Sitting Lucy by the fridge, Angel drips water over her body as she sucks on her lips. She then rubs the ice cube against her clit before popping it into her pussy. The girls find a double-ended dildo which is worked deep into Lucy's wet hole. Holding the shaft, Angel impales herself on the other end and the pair slide back and forth till they orgasm.

In a black PVC dress, Lucy is clearing up at the end of the shift waiting for Jefferson, her boyfriend, to turn up. When he arrives Angel tells of the girl on girl fun they had earlier in the day and starts to demonstrate for him, Lucy's dress falls to the floor as the pair snog. The sight of the two hot and horny girls gets Jefferson going and he's soon feeding his cock into their mouths. Lucy flicks her double pierced tongue over the head as she wanks the shaft. She turns to take the cock doggy while munching on Angel's minge. Lucy sits the guy on the bar. As she bounces up and down on his cock, the counter fittings shake and rattle. When it's Angel's turn to be fucked it's straight up the arse, Lucy slipping her fingers inside Angel's moist pussy as her bum in bonked. Jefferson is ready to cum and he covers the girls' faces in cream.

Great performances form the girls, especially Angel who appears from beginning to end. Lisa Love's direction has improved greatly and has proved that with a limited cast and simple set you can produce good quality work. This is a must have film for Alicia and Angel fans, while for the general viewer it's a good night's viewing and well worth watching.

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