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Released: 2005
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 176 mins.

This stylishly-shot film sees two American girls, Jenavive Jolle and Teena Fine, sent to London to finish their education. The establishment they are sent to is full of international talent including Alicia and Poppy, but they are more concerned with what goes up between the legs than in between the ears.

Scene 3 has Poppy, in a lemon dress and candy striped lingerie, with two sailors in full dress uniform. Jenavive spies through the open door as Poppy bends over to fill her mouth with sailor's cock whilst her bum is explored by tongue. Pulling her panties to one side, Poppy rubs the head of the knob over her clit then slips it into her damp pussy. The second guy slaps her face with dick and feeds it down her throat. Poppy moves the cock out of her pussy to ease up her arse and her vacant cunt is filled by the second sailor. The boys hammer away at her holes till she has a screaming orgasm. The lesson is about giving and receiving pleasure, so once the cocks have been sucked clean it's time for more DP action. Poppy mounts one of the boys reverse cowgirl, he stands and she arches her back to grab the second and gets her throat fucked in the process. The scene ends with Poppy being pile driven in the arse, one of the sailors covering her face with cum while the second spunks over her body.

The next scene has Teena walking the empty corridors. She is attracted to a room where she hears a noise. Three men are playing cards whilst Mistress Alicia, in her rope bra, is pacing back and forward. Alicia runs her riding crop across Teena's tight white panties then forces one of the tits into her mouth as she penetrates Teena's pussy with her glove clad fingers. Holding Teena's head in her pussy, Alicia summons the men over to lick her arse and they bury their faces between Teena's cheeks. Alicia struts to a chair where a masked guy is strapped up and sinks her mouth round his cock, biting and chewing at his shaft. Now aware of what's required, Teena takes a cock in each hand, sucking and wanking vigorously. Crouching over the tied-up man, Alicia guides his dick up her arse, grinding round on his balls. Her attention moves back to Teena. After finger fucking her pussy she shoves four fingers into her bum, pulling it open ready for the guys to enter. Teena mounts one of the three while the other two take turns to bang away at her bum. With her head resting on Teena's back, Alicia opens her mouth to take the boys cum when they pull out the arse. The final guy drops his load over Teena's face.

The film is nicely staged and shot with plenty of action going on throughout the three hours. Teena was passable as the naughty 18 year old out to learn the ways of the world. Jenavive, with her breast implants and tattoos, was less appropriately cast. As for Alicia and Poppy, both were good in their supporting roles. One thing though which must be mentioned. In scene 4 Jenavive meets and is fucked by a tramp who has the silliest stuck on moustache I have seen. And why does he speak German? Ja... JA!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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