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Released: 2006
Director: Kojo Black
Notes: Sweetmeats Productions
Alternate Titles
  • You Know You Want It!
Notes and Reviews

Kojo Black and his production company Sweetmeats are not prolific, but this latest release clocking in at just over three hours long is a belter. The review copy I have is the uncut version from Your Choice which has more of the fisting left in, although apart from the overall premise of forced sex there seems little to worry the censor as all the girls are untied before penetration and fellatio is not particularly forced.

The scenes all start with a voiceover, mostly from the actress, describing her desire for sex, which obviously ameliorates the foced nature of the action that follows.

The first scene opens with Avalon, an estate agent, on her way to meet two male clients. Neatly dressed in white shirt and black skirt, Avalon imagines sex with her clients, a fantasy that is realised as soon as she enters the flat. Avalon's hands are secured behind her back with handcuffs and her clothes are (literally) cut away and ripped off. Naked apart from black holdups and heels, Avalon is forced to suck the guys' cocks then placed on an 'ergonomic' stool to get fucked. Missionary and cowgirl from both guys as her hands are released, then Avalon's torso is bound with soft blue rope and she is fucked on the sofa in most positions and in both holes, including atm. Scene ends with DP both ways round and a double facial.

Alone in a bar, Faye Rampton fantasises about what she'll do to other girls. Moments later, dressed in combat trousers, forage cap and black t-shirt, she leads a blindfolded and bound Taylor Morgan into a room. Faye already has a large strapon hidden in her combats, which she forces Taylor to suck. Taylor's white shirt is opened to reveal her super tits when a black clad Pete le Meat arrives and Taylor starts to lose her clothes. Still blindfolded and on all fours, Taylor sucks Pete's cock while Faye pushes her fist deeply into her pussy followed by the strapon. Pete's cock gets a crack at Taylor's pussy which further accomodates a double vaginal in reverse cowgirl with Faye underneath, followed by DP's in forward and reverse cowgirl with Faye underneath on both occasions. Taylor takes a decent facial lying on the sofa while Faye's arm is wrist deep in her pussy.

Alexis Silver plays the dominant in the next scene (ripped tee, combats) leading blindfolded McKenzie Lee (chiffon top and long pants), from a dark cupboard onto a sunny patio where Mark Mason and a large bed awaits. Alexis strips to the waist and take's Mark's cock in her mouth while McKenzie watches from the bed. McKenzie is not alone for long, as she is stripped by Mark and Alexis, who also strips leaving only a metal link belt around her waist. Alexis gets fucked first, from behind, as she licks McKenzie; then in 69 with McKenzie and finally in spoons, before McKenzie gets to play with Mark's tool. While McKenzie sucks, Alexis has a strap on and fucks her doggystyle, moving to missionary. Eventually Mark takes over in missionary, then Mark and Alexis take an orifice each, double penetrating McKenzie both ways. Scene ends with Mark coming over Alexis's tits.

Fit and toned, Karla is naked, blindfolded and bound from above as she thinks about the sex to come. She has been watched by Mark Marais and Lee Henshaw from their armchairs and the guys soon have their hands all over her restrained body. Released from the chains, Karla is fucked hard first by Lee on an armchair, then Mark on a mattress on the floor. DP both ways is followed by fisting. Karla then mounts Lee in reverse cowgirl on a chair as Mark positions himself underneath for Karla to squirt over his face as she bounces her arse on Lee's cock. Back on the mattress both guys produce copious showers over Karla's tits.

Rio and Jane undress each other watched by a naked Ian Tate who is caged. While Jane kneels before Rio to lick her pussy, Ian's hands snake around her tits from behind and his cock nudges between Rio's legs as she leans against the bars. Jane moves to a mattress on the floor to pleasure herself with a dildo while Rio simply bends forward allowing Ian to fuck her from behind. Both girls then share a double-ender on the mattress before Ian is released to fuck them both. Rio is first penetrated in doggy and missionary, where she firmly pushes her fist into Jane's pussy, then Jane gets it from behind before Ian is wanked to a climax. With Ian revived and his cock in Rio's arse in rverse cowgirl, Jane advances with a strap on for a DP. More cowgirl DP before Ian sprays another load over the girls' faces.

Walking alone along darkened streets thinking about sex, Tyrelle is bundled into a car, stripped to her black boots and cuffed. She is lead naked into a flat by Jayce Xaveri and a second guy from the first scene (is it his gaff?) and made to kneel and suck cock. The guys undress and, releasing Tyrelle's hands, fuck her on the sofa. Jayce is first from behind as Tyrelle is spit roasted, then in missionary. There follows a really sexy anal sequence as Tyrelle takes it up the arse in reverse cowgirl from the other guy, then, moving to a bar stool, Tyrelle sits on his cock and Jayce fills her arse from behind. Finally Tyrelle's arse is fucked missionary as her legs are clamped above her head and her clit vigorously massaged.

The girls and guys here are top notch with Jo Black getting great performances from them all. A real festival of fucking with most of the girls getting anal and DP, even if one cock is of the plastic kind in the bgg scenes. Kojo has ditched the extras from previous releases (different cuts and voice overs) opting for over three hours of hard action which is hard to fault. Most scenes are well shot and lit, although the final scene with Tyrelle is too dark with her coffee skin tone blending into the laminate floor background. Personally, I regretted Faye only giving and not receiving and the Pete/Taylor exclusive partnership is beginning to tire. Avalon is sex on legs, Karla inexhaustible and Rio's performance underlines her position as international star. Finally, with her rangy boyish figure, Tyrelle gives as good a performance as I've seen, as her large firm breasts mesmerise as they sway, whether walking naked or fucked in cowgirl. Top rating all round.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2006

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