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Released: 2006
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 176 mins.

Following on from his first Young Harlots film, Gazzman has taken an international cast of five girls and five guys to France for the next in the series. Renee is joined by the American Claire Robbins, Thais May and Libellule and the French girl Tiffany Hopkins. It's interesting to see Gazzman also uses three British guys.

Having behaved herself at school and passed her exams, Renee is rewarded with a trip to France with her friend May. To ensure nothing happens her father arranges for the family chauffeur Ian Tait to take the pair in a mobile home. As they drive down the motorway the girls start to play with each other, flashing their tits and knickers. Ian can hardly keep his eyes on the road. The two move to the back of the van where Renee manages to wriggle her tongue past May's lemon panties into her arse. The countryside flashes past the window as Renee forces four fingers into May's tight fanny and then licks off the juice. Taking a pink dildo from the drawer she rams it into May. The girls run their tits together before May goes down on Renee, her face held hard against her fanny. Unwrapping candy dummies, the two pop them into each other's pussies, licking off the sugary sweet juices. Renee hangs off the lockers while May stuffs her pussy with a toy. She ends up riding it on the table. Ian has seen enough and pulls off the road to join in. His joy is short-lived - the girls pull and slap his cock till he cums in Renee's mouth. She dribbles the spunk over his face.

At the chateau the three are met by young blonde Claire Robbins. Renee goes to her room to unpack. The first thing out of her case is a jewel-encrusted vibrator. Turning it on full power, she slips it into her pussy and starts masturbating. Lube runs out of her fanny and over her arse as gardener Tony de Sergio stares through the window. Renee beckons him in and, unzipping his pants, she swallows his cock, gargling as it passes her tonsils. Saliva dripping out of her mouth, Renee stuffs her cheeks with dick. Tony is dragged onto the bed where the two 69, Renee slurping as she wanks his cock. Mounting the shaft, Renee slams down on Tony. Wanting it harder and faster, she semi crouches letting him thrust up into her pussy. Tony pulls out to fill Renee's mouth with cream. She plays with it on her tongue before swallowing.

Having lost Renee, Ian sets off round the garden. Sitting by a statue is Tiffany Hopkins. She has a butt plug wedged in her arse and she needs his help. He eventually replaces it with his cock and fucks her silly.

Still looking, Ian finds Libellule half dressed and half asleep on a settee with her mouth open. He slips in his cock and gets a blow job.

Next day Lee Henshaw is cooking breakfast for the spoiled Claire. She'll only eat food if it's served on his cock. He pops his knob into her portage and lets her lick it off. Having eaten, Claire wants her arse fed with dick and Lee obliges. Tony enters half way through the shagging session, Claire can't see his cock go to waste so orders him to fill her pussy.

Eventually all the girls meet up for a midnight feast. Renee and May are blindfolded as Claire has a surprise. First their mouths are filled with sweets, then Olivier and Zoltan enter to replace the candy with man meat. Renee takes the cock deep into her mouth, then lies with her head back to get her throat fucked. Claire joins in, licking and sucking. The six indulge in a sucking and fucking orgy, Renee and May having their holes hammered by the boys. After 30 minutes of flailing flesh the guys fire their jizz over the girls' stomachs. They use lollies to scrape up the spunk.

Though nicely made you have difficulty in believing sultry Renee is the young innocent she is supposed to be. Claire Robins, however, would quite fit that part. Miscasting aside, Gazzman has crammed plenty of hot action into the film and at nearly three hours there is a lot to watch. Not Gazzman's greatest work, but still very good.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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