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Released: 2006
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 139 mins.

Gazzman's first two films in the Young Harlots series were good, but nothing too special. His latest release for Harmony 'The Academy' is shorter, crisper, hotter and, with seven great girls, truly outstanding. The action is centred around the Isabella Academy where young girls from Europe go to complete their education. This year's intake has Denice K, Frankie, Katy Caro, who are starting along side Poppy Morgan, Sandra and Suzie Best, all hoping to stretch themselves.

It's Sandra's first day at the Academy. She stands at the front door in her black blazer, red pleated skirt and white socks. Tutors Lee Henshaw and Mark Slone usher her in, and lead her to the dorms. Sandra is told she's a little overdressed and they strip her down to her white cotton panties. Her education starts there and then. Wrapping her lips around Lee's cock, Sandra leans forward to take Mark up her arse. Not wanting to show favour she gives Lee a turn at banging her bum. The teachers then show how to double fuck, leaving her holes gaping. The bed squeaks as the three shag. The two shower Sandra in jizz and her first lesson is over.

Poppy and Denice K are summoned to the head's study, but he's not there. Thumbing through the books on the shelf, Poppy finds a jewel-encrusted vibrator. She turns it on full power and brushes it over Denice's white blouse. The sight and sound of the toy get the girls excited. Poppy lifts Denice's short skirt and teases her pussy through her panties, then she runs it over her tits. A damp patch appears in Denice's knickers. Poppy licks and laps and her tongue works its way over her clit making her tremble. Headteacher, Jazz Duro, enters and orders the girls to sit. It's obvious that they have been doing something they shouldn't, so its time to teach them a lesson. He rips off Denice's bra and uses it to blindfold her, then slaps his cock against her face. Before long it's deep down her throat. Poppy watches and fingers herself as Denice is lifted onto the sofa to be stuffed with prick. She thrusts and grinds against his balls. The pair fall to the floor to shag spoons as Poppy quietly pulls at her pussy lips. After being piledriven, Denice goes onto all fours to be fucked doggy. Poppy is beckoned over. The head pulls out and squirts spunk on her face.

Frankie and Suzie are up for extra French oral with Oliver Sanchez. Sitting on the desk, Frankie splays her legs and her black skirt rides up to reveal her white knickers. Suzie is told to start. She rubs and tongues Frankie's fanny as Oliver slips his hand up her skirt and fingers her arse. With his cock out, Suzie shows how good she is at oral. As Suzie sucks, Frankie learns the French for fuck my arse. Oliver prods his prick into Suzie's pussy as he squeezes lube up Frankie's bum. She moans as his length is slowly eased into her arse. Suzie massages the lube which is oozing out of Frankie over her buttocks, making them slippy and shiny. She then bends over to be taken doggy. Oliver moves from girl to girl. With Frankie's bum full of cock, Suzie plays a vibrator over her pussy. Oliver lies back with a girl on his face and another on his shaft. The two swap and Suzie bangs her body down on Oliver's balls. The lesson is nearly over, but first Frankie needs something extra, a prick in her bum and plastic pulsating in her pussy. Oliver fires his load over Frankie's arse and Suzie's face ... the lesson will continue tomorrow.

New girl Sandra is caught behind the bike sheds having a sly cigarette. Mark and Ian Tate won't report her, but there is something she must do. As Ian laps at her arse, Sandra deep throats Mark. A noise startles him and he shoots in her mouth. The boys dive into the bushes leaving Sandra sitting with a face covered in cum.

It's bath time for Poppy and Katy Caro. As the water runs the girls strip each other out of their uniforms. Balanced on the edge of the bath, Poppy pulls her knickers tight into her pussy and drips water onto herself. Katy leans forward to munch on her minge. Katy climbs into the bath in her underwear, her wet panties cling to her body. Poppy fingers and licks at Katy's soaking mound. The two start to play with the water - Poppy fills Katy's arse and watches her squirt and then she tries the same herself, turning her fanny into a fountain. Katy laps at the juices. The girls' bodies shudder as they play with each other's pussies. Screaming and leaning half out the bath, Katy climaxes.

It's midnight and the staff and pupils gather in the hall to celebrate the school's founder Isabella in a ritualistic ceremony. The girls lie prostrate on the floor in their masks and black g-strings and the staff are in hooded robes. The bell rings and the girls move to the side of the hall. Isabel Ice is carried in, shoulder high, then lowered onto a small table. Surrounded by dicks, she starts to suck. The girls stand transfixed aa cock after cock disappears down her throat and she still wants more. Her legs spread, the guys tweak Isabel's tits as they fuck her arse and throat. The bell rings again and smiling Isabel is double shafted. She grabs dicks to suck as they pass. On her hands and knees she is taken doggy and a church candle is pushed up her arse and lit. The girls stare as the wax is peeled off Isabel's bum and the guys circulate banging her gaping hole. The first guy to cum fills her bum. It dribbles out and drips off her pussy lips. A second load follows and Isabel scoops up the jizz and licks. The final two cum over Isabel's face and the ceremony is over.

Gazzman has this film just about spot on. Hot, horny, brilliantly set and paced, it's hard to get better. The performances from all were fantastic, Poppy and Suzie showing why they are so good, Isabel Ice hard and nasty and newish girl Frankie oozing talent and lube from her bum. Gazzman and Harmony have produces a top quality film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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