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Released: 2007
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 141 mins.

Harmony's use of some of the finest directors in the business, together with some of the world's sexiest girls, has paid dividends and they are now producing some of the finest work on the market. The latest film from the Young Harlots series, The Governess, is no exception with its combination of stunning girls in hot, erotic action.

Governess Lynda St Martin, aided by her kinky nurse Neomi, have a new intake of keen and eager pupils. She watches Sandy Cage, Alexis Love, Angelina Crow and Carmel Moore troop into the hall. The girls don't realise what she has in store.

The girls go through a series of initiations while a black clad Lynda watches on. A bound Sandy sees her friend Angelina taken by Jazz Duro and Oliver Sanchez.

In the dead of night, Alexis heads to the kitchen for a glass of water. Half dressed, Zoltan snoozes in the chair. Hearing a noise she hides, as Governess Lynda in her black negligee uses and abuses his cock.

Back in the bedroom, Alexis starts to read and dream... Nurse Neomi is being fucked by three guys in animal masks. The action is orchestrated by the Governess.

Carmel lies on the large dining room table in her white blouse and black skirt. A fire roars away in the grate as Oliver approaches and jabs his fingers at her tight white panties. She pulls them aside and lets them into her snatch. Wrapping her legs around his neck, Carmel forces Oliver's face into her fanny. He reaches up for her tits as he laps away. Licking her lips and with her knickers half down, Carmel rolls onto her side to have her bum spanked. Fingering her pussy, she want her arse played with. Oliver pours some water into her open hole. It dribbles into his mouth and down her body. He licks her cunt and arse clean. Easing his cock between her legs, the two slowly fuck. Carmel moves the dick into her arse and gyrates her body. Oliver is pinned back on the table as the two 69. Carmel buries the cock in her mouth and tugs at his balls. Sliding down his body, Carmel settles down. With Oliver's cock in her arse, she falls forward to be shagged doggy up the bum. With the fire slowly dying, the couple move round the table, changing from spoons to reverse cowgirl. A final fuck missionary-style and Carmel flops back to take Oliver's spunk on her tits and face.

Sandy lies asleep when nurse Neomi enters the room. Opening her eyes she is given a lesson in lesbian love.

Summoned by the Governess to her office, Alexis thinks she's in trouble. She finds a man swathed from head to toe in bandages with just his prick sticking out. She has to satisfy him with Lynda's help.

Beautifully shot with atmospheric lighting, Gazzman has produced another masterpiece. Each scene is packed with action and a mild 'fetish' twist that keeps you watching from beginning to end. Slim Neomi, with her well toned body, portrays an excellent 'kinky' nurse and dark haired Lynda has just that hint of menace when on screen. Harmony's Young Harlot films just get better and better ...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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