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Released: 2007
Director: Jim Slip
Notes: MSS Interactive / Simply Films / Load XXX
Alternate Titles
  • Her Granddaddy Fucked Me American Xcess, USA
  • Older Guys, Younger Girls Adult Channel XXX. Does not contain Kimber scene.
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 102 mins (US Version).

Jim Slip and the team at MSS have persuaded a group of girls to help the aged, in a series of old-on-young scenes. A little confusingly the film is released under two different names: Older Guys, Younger Girls in the UK and Her Granddaddy Fucked Me in America. British viewers may feel a little aggrieved that the US gets an additional scene from Paige.

Alexis opens the door dressed in her white bikini top and shorts, to find photographer Jim Slip on the step. He has come to shoot her portfolio. The two head to the conservatory where he snaps away as she takes out her tits. Jim pops the question - would Alexis like to go further? She looks at some of his photos, then slips out his cock to suck on it. Lying on the floor, the couple 69. Jim's tongue slithering over her shaven snatch. Alexis slides down his body and squats on his shaft. Her big boobs bounce. Climbing back onto the edge of the sofa, Alexis fingers herself as she fills her face with man meat. Jim jams his thumb in her fanny. Face down, the two fuck doggy. Alexis rolls over to let Jim jerk off on her tits.

Suzie is having problems with her plumbing and Jack Uppit is on hand to sort things out. With his head under the sink, she moves to the lounge to watch a film. Jack enters to find Suzie with her hand in her white panties, masturbating. He settles on the sofa beside her and buries his face in her cunt. His tongue laps and flicks at her clit. His shirt and pants off, Suzie wanks his shrivelled cock between her feet, then pops it in her mouth. Her blonde plaits sway as her head bobs on the dick. Now hard enough for action, Suzie rides Jack cowgirl and reverse. He squeezes her pert tits as she wriggles. Bent over the arm of the sofa, Suzie is entered from behind. Jack's wrinkled body bangs away at her. He pulls out and cums over her back.

David Charles spys on Sahara as she drives up in her luxury motor car and enters the house. He wants to discuss her fraudulent benefit claims. David has a special way of dealing with his cases. Lying Sahara over his knee, he lifts her denim skirt and slaps her bum. Pulling down her knickers, he coats Sahara in lube and slips his fingers into her fanny. Standing, Sahara strips. David tweaks her erect nipples then gets her to jab a toy into her pussy. Entering the bedroom, David joins Sahara on the bed. With the toy still in her pussy, she sucks at his dick. The two 69. Balancing on the top of David's dick, Sahara sinks down. His knob soon goes flaccid despite Sahara's best efforts, so she finishes herself off with the vibrator.

Frank Thring is tinkering with Kimber's car when she arrives to collect it from his garage. The job was bigger than originally estimated and is going to cost her a fortune. Hitching up her short black skirt, Kimber hopes she can come to some arrangement. Slapping her arse and pulling her panties aside, Frank ushers her into the workshop. Sitting on his work bench, Kimber opens her legs and Frank munches at her almost bald minge as he buries his head between her thighs. Kimber eases her tits out of her tight red top while Frank rummages in a box on the bench. Finding a vibrator, he hands it to her. She works it into her pussy. Dropping his pants, Kimber crouches in her scuffed high heels to suck on his crooked cock. Bending forward, Frank rams the vibe back into her pussy. Spread out on the floor, Kimber licks at his floppy dick and gets it hard enough to ride reverse. Kimber caresses her boobs as Frank cums on her thighs.

Arriving from the airport, Paige realises she has no money to pay cabby Colin. She has an idea and invites him in. Lying on the bed, Paige fondles her sun tanned body. Colin rubs the front of his trousers. He drops them and his prick lies limp beneath his pot belly. Paige coaxes the cock into life between her lips. He sounds slightly menacing as he forces his fingers into her fanny. Paige looks bored as she waits for Colin to strip. She uses a vibrator to entertain herself as he licks his way up her body, before his hulking mass attempts to fuck her missionary. Rolling over, the two try to 69. He cums over Paige's fingers as she wanks him.

I have to admit seeing a pile of OAP's attempting to have sex with hot young girls does nothing for me... In fact, it's very much a turn off. OK, the girls tried their best, but with the exception of Jim Slip, none of the guys were capable of sustaining an erection for the whole scene and they all appear to have problems fucking flabby cocks. No doubt the film will appeal to some - but not me.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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