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Released: 2008
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 142 mins.

Surveying the new intake, the head of St Virginia's college is concerned about the academic qualities of the girls. But as they have done with previous pupils, he is sure his teachers can mould Brianna Love, Regina Ice, Daisy Marie, Pearly Blue, Chloe Delaure, Annette Schwarz and the only girl from Britain, Jasmine, into shape. It's soon clear, however, that the girls aren't after an education - just a good shafting from the staff.

Dismissing his class, teacher Tony calls back Annette and Jasmine for a little extra curricular work... on his cock. The pair are only too happy to tackle this new assignment. Crouching in her red plaid dress and white blouse, Jasmine opens her mouth as Annette guides in Tony's cheb. Popping her tits out of her blouse, Annette tugs and dribbles over her erect nipples before taking mouthfuls of Tony's dick. With saliva covering the girls' faces, they lick and lap at the staff. Climbing onto the desk, Annette spreads her legs. Tony rams his cock up under her skirt. Jasmine too, bends over the table. The girls trickle lube over each other as she's fucked from behind. Stripped to her black stockings, Annette sinks Tony's cock deep into her arse. Jasmine waggles her bum in his face as he bangs away. Lying on top of Annette, Jasmine pulls at her cheeks as Tony moves from bum to bum. Interlocking their legs, Jasmine rolls onto her back and takes Tony's load over her stomach. Annette laps up the cream.

This is another great film from the Young Harlots series, beautifully set and shot with seven very hot girls. As usual, Harmony have included a few extras on the disc, including the first use of PAG for one of the bonus scenes. Many (including myself) will see this as a rip off, comprising as it does of a locked section of the DVD using a 'pay per view' mechanism... After paying £20 plus in a Harmony Shop for the film, the last thing you expect is to have to pay yet again to view the bonus stuff... It could be rubbish!

Watch the film, but avoid the expensive extras.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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