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Released: 2008
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 163 mins.

Carmel Moore and Poppy Morgan have already been pupils in Gazzman's Young Harlots series and know what to expect. New enrolees at the sports and games academy - Brit Robyn Truelove, Europeans Eve Angel, Sandy Cage and Susana Abril, along with Carmen McCarthy from the States - still have to find out what the staff can offer.

In her white blouse and blazer, Carmel pushes open the toilet door and watches teacher Jazz Duro have a pee. Flashing her boobs, she heads off into the entrance hall as new girl Carmen comes in through the front door. Slipping her hand into Carmen's blouse, the girls kiss. Boobs out, the pair press themselves together. In the kitchen, Sandy and Susana indulge in some muff munching. Through the wall in the hall, Carmen is stripped to her spotted panties. Sitting on the stairs, Carmel laps at her pussy. Teacher Jazz appears, his cock poking out his white flannels. Carmel and Carmen move to fill their faces with man meat. Kneeling Carmen on a chair, Jazz rams his dick into her pussy. Carmel squeezes in and licks. The girls lie on top of each other on the floor. Jazz yo-yos between the damp pussies. Down on all fours, Carmel is taken doggy. She guides Jazz's cock towards her arse. Dropping onto her side, the shagging continues with Carmen tonguing the pair as they fuck. Side-by-side, the girls wait for Jazz to jerk his cream into their tits.

Out on the croquet lawn, Robyn knocks her ball into the bushes and sets off in pursuit. Games teacher George Uhl follows. He has something else for Robyn to play with that involves balls. Crouching in front of George in her white top and short blue skirt, Robyn takes his dick in her mouth. Her head bobs as she works her way along his shaft. George caresses Robyn's boobs as she slips down her white panties. Sitting on some steps, he pulls her pussy towards his prick. Robyn slaps herself against George's thighs as she rides. Standing, Robyn eases George between her legs. She drops to her knees, mouth open, to accept his cum.

Poppy sits on the bed in her room, pulling up her white knee length socks when teachers Jazz, JJ and George enter. Wasting no time, they pull her white panties aside and finger her pussy and arse. Grabbing at the guys' cocks, Poppy pulls them towards her mouth and sucks. Her face full of dick, Poppy sits on a second cock and bounces away. The teachers take turns to fill her pussy and bum. Tumbling around the bed, Poppy gets both holes filled. Twisting and turning, the guys cram two cocks into her pussy. On hands and knees, the teachers hammer away at Poppy's gaping pussy and arse. The four roll over for more heavy duty banging which moves the bed across the room. Ripping off Poppy's remaining clothes, she hangs onto the edge of the bed as her teachers pound away. The double dicking continues with Poppy standing on one leg. She drops to the floor and the staff spatter her with spunk.

With Dirty Secrets, Gazzman has to invoke the atmosphere of a faded boarding school. Watching, you can imagine the slight musty odour and the smell of boiled cabbage from the dining room. Into this setting he has placed seven sexy girls whose aim is to get up to no good. Pupil Poppy produces one of her hardest and hottest performances in tackling the teaching staff and Sandy Cage proves she can take on boys as well as girls. From Carmel walking on at the start, to the closing titles, Young Harlots Dirty Secrets is a class film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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