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Released: 2009
Director: Tony Del Duomo
Notes: Marc Dorcel
Alternate Titles
  • Bordel De Luxe
  • Bordello Deluxe
  • Yasmine: Bordello Deluxe
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 93 mins.

Although they are just over the Channel, the French, particularly the Marc Dorcel studio, structure their films completely differently from those produced in the UK. Bordello Deluxe follows this format with a number of short scenes, each packed with action from Eve Karera, Yasmine, Axelle Parker, Natalli DiAngelo and Carmel Moore.

Arriving at an opulent chateau, is this a dream or is this reality? A group of girls are gathered in a wood panelled drawing room, in their sexy lingerie. The camera lingers over their forms. Eve leaves the room. We follow. Careering down darkened corridors we get flashes of blonde hair and glimpses of flesh. A door swings open. Yasmine and Axelle sit on a sheepskin in their evening dresses, sipping Champagne and eating strawberries. The girls take a faceless cock in their mouths then fuck it.

In the next room, Natalli and Eve are soaping themselves in a bath full of bubbles.

Back into the dark... Behind a pierced wooden screen, Carmel is playing with her boobs. We enter the room and Axelle comes into view. The girls caress each other on the bed as they press their bodies together. Dropping onto her back, Carmel pulls her black panties aside for her pussy to be licked by Axelle. A cock appears. Axelle swaps her allegiances, taking it in her mouth. Carmel moves to lap at her pussy. The guy comes closer, easing his dick between Carmel's legs, then pulling her up to ride him reverse up the arse. Axelle paws at the pair before mounting the manhood herself. A little more anal action for Carmel and she ends with a mouth full of cream.

We find ourselves outside. Looking sexy in red and black is Natalli, by the front door. All she wants is anal sex.

Down another dingy passage, Yasmine is tied to a wooden post. Carmel, attired in lilac lingerie, prods at her pussy with a black parasol. A cock approaches and Carmel guides it into Yasmine's pussy and licks. Released from her ties, a second dick appears. Carmel stands with her hands down her panties as Yasmine is DP'd. The guys cum over her tits. Carmel cleans up the cream.

Another door opens to reveal a blindfolded Eve surrounded by guys. The more cocks she sucks and fucks the more there seem to be. With her pussy, arse and mouth full, she quivers and shakes.

We head towards the cellar. The visit is almost over. Carmel sits in scarlet as a cock comes towards her. Grabbing hold of it, she starts to wank. Her fingers are wrapped tightly around the shaft as her tongue darts over the head. She stands against the wall. The guy reaches for her boobs as he thrusts into her pussy. The two sink to the floor where she's fucked from behind. Carmel holds up her tits and the guy fires his load into her cleavage, then leaves. Was it just fantasy?

Bordello Deluxe is a beautifully produced film, full of intrigue which leaves you pondering. Exquisitely dressed, all the girls look smouldering as they perform their scenes. When it comes to the action, director Tony del Duomo proves that less can be more if it's well done. There is no doubt Bordello Deluxe is full of chic continental style and is therefore well worth a viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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