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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films
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Running time: 122 mins.

Shoehorning ten girls into a two hour film (not 2½ as Bluebird claim on the cover) means the scenes come quick and fast in Young, Hot & Anal. A couple of the scenarios have been done to death, with a twist on the 'Pizza Delivery Girl' turning up twice. Perhaps the crew were hungry when they made the film.

The film kicks off with Clark and Mark ordering food. When Nikki Blond and Steliana turn up in their sexy delivery uniforms, the boys develop an appetite for something else.

Schoolgirl Elizabeth is caught on the back stairs having a sly cigarette. Teacher Viktor takes her in hand, marching Elizabeth off to his office. Desperate to avoid the cane, Elizabeth will do anything for the teacher. Viktor strips Elizabeth out of her uniform and gets her to suck on his cock as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Bending her over the desk, he works a finger into her arse. Elizabeth rolls over to be shagged missionary. Viktor joins her on the desk and eases his dick into her rear. The pair drop to the floor for an anal workout, Viktor shooting his load into Elizabeth's bum.

Wearing a black basque and stockings, Tia goes through her pole dance routine while Cyprus and Cate watch on with their boyfriends. Climbing down from the stage, Tia joins the group, letting the girls lick at her nipples. She notices the girls are wearing no knickers and works her fingers into their pussies before licking them. The boys release their pricks for the girls to suck on. Cyprus drops on to all fours to be fucked from behind. Cate moves to mount her boyfriend and rides reverse on the seats. Tia takes the opportunity to slip a dick past her black panties. Cyprus bounces away on a shaft. The girls swap round with Cate being filled at both ends and Cyprus getting her arse full of man meat. The first load of cream is fired over Cyprus's bum. Cate licks it off. Tia and Cate crouch side-by-side, waiting for a second helping of jizz on their eager faces.

More food is ordered, this time by Demitri and Kieren. Sabrina Sweet appears in her PVC maids outfit with a bag full of goodies.

Keni is siting in an almost empty club when Sherry Railey arrives to practice her dancing. Stripping down to her red fishnet stockings, she has some special moves she wants to show him.

Charlee has invited Alicia around for a chat and advice. She'd love to try anal sex and wants to know where to start. Stripped to her white basque and stockings, Alicia tells Charlee to start licking; a wet pussy and arse are essential before you have sex. Slipping a vibrator into her bum, Alicia shows how deep she can take it. She pulls down Charlee's turquoise panties. Now it's her turn to give it a try. Alicia laps and probes with her tongue, then eases a finger into Charlee's bum. With a gasp, Charlee takes a toy in her arse. Viktor arrives home to find the girls playing. Alicia prepares his prick between her lips. With Alicia's pussy plonked on Charlee's face, Viktor hammers into her pussy. She's ready for the big moment and he thrusts into her bum. Down on all fours, Alicia wants some anal action and Viktor obliges. The girls experiment in various positions - spoons, cowgirl and doggy licking - teasing each other as their arses are fucked. Unable to hold back any longer, Viktor shoots his spunk into the girls' waiting mouths.

Young, Hot & Anal is cleanly and crisply shot. At times though the pace of the film seems rushed. A feeling which is accentuated by the choppy nature of some of the editing. You are also left with the impression that these are six disparate scenes which have been assembled together, as there is little to link them together style wise. Individually, each of the twenty minute sections are decent enough, but in the final analysis Young, Hot & Anal is a film where the whole is somewhat less then the sum of the parts.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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